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Studio Space

Two days ago, a big machine came and drilled holes for the pylons that will support my second story studio. Pretty excited! We are adding on above our garage for a painting studio, husband's office, and small conference/kitchenette with an exterior door for clients and hopefully (someday) students. The plan is pretty aggressive time wise. They hope to have it framed and enclosed by Christmas. In the meantime, we need to clean out the garage and watch guys take the roof off. Wish us luck!
Castillo[Deleted User]


  • @MeganS Good Luck and Happy Painting!!!
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  • send the machine here. i need it to build a studio on bulkheads on the water. good luck.
  • @KevinGE‌

    I'm a teacher at heart. I was a gymnastics coach for 7 years. I majored in Art Ed. (but found that I disliked many things about "teaching" that they taught in my college.) I came from a family of teachers: Grandparents, Dad, Mom, and my sister.And probably the biggest indicator is that I have four kids. So yeah. Someday. But first, I need to be the student.
  • @martenvisser‌ Yes, we are looking at a ventilation hood/area. Sound/networking is planned out. Electrical is planned for the wall and floor. The plumbing depends on the floor below for the drain and how to tie it in. I don't want to be too drastic with built ins because this is supposed to be the "bonus room" if and when we sell (unlikely, but...I've said that before and we moved!) The only big question which doesn't have to be answered real soon flooring. I can tile (deflection rating will be good with laminated beams), but it will be cold unless I heat the floor. I just can't imagine such a hard floor for a studio. I may just cover with carpet squares knowing that I will have to replace with normal flooring later. Before all of that, I need to figure out where the windows go and to make sure it looks good with the rest of the house. We plan to replace the upper floor windows with whatever we choose for the addition so it's a big decision.

    @oilpainter‌ Sounds like you have a water view! Lucky you!
  • Hi, I'm a newbie, congrats on your new space! I have a question for you all. I'm using a bedroom to paint, 15 by 15, 9 foot tall ceilings. Mits very dark! I need to put in adequate light in my ceiling. I live in Austin so I'm lucky to be able to shop at The Lightbulb Shop. What do you suggest to make my room bright enough ? I see the info in the sight about lighting for a light box, but what about a whole room?
  • Nice space @tuffgirl4‌. You probably have a fan too? Good idea! There's lots of ideas on lighting. Many here don't want a permanent fixture for painting or make holes in the ceiling. I'm actually using an easel to attach my clamp lights to and shine them at my painting. The other lights around the room really don't matter when I have these lights on. So all other lighting turns off to keep down the glare.

    In my new studio, I plan on using lights on wheels. I just need a tall pole (probably made from conduit) with a place to put a clamp light. Then I can wheel it where I want it.

    There are lots of info in the online course for your set up.
  • tuffgirl4 said:

    What do you suggest to make my room bright enough ?

    two lights are fantastic. one is by solux, the other is bluemax. a third, led, with a high cri is now available. i have not bought the led yet but the others i have. you need the easel and palette lit well. the box is easy with a mr16. search the web sites, the leds are sourced from china, search high cri led and you will find it. pegasus has a nice lamp for the mr16, about $50. the mr16 are about 19 each. the blue max mushroom is a very large cfl and requires a big reflector, i got mine from china. 1000 bulbs has them also. cfls need much air space around the ballast or they fail fast. good luck.
  • A little update. It's going slowly. The garage roof demo, addition framing, sheathing and roof went on in 5 days. It was amazing. But now we are at a standstill. Hubs is doing electrical (in his non-existent free time), and there are questions about insulation before or after the soffit and siding. So, basically we are waiting on hubs to finish insulation can't happen until electrical is done.

    I have been very patient so far until today. I'm starting a new painting, 24 x 24 and I was trying to attach it to my easel in a 3 x 3 foot space. Once I got it square, I nudged it with a foot or knee or something..very frustrating. And I'm done having people watch me paint. I think I'm a hermit painter.

    I'm also out of room for drying. I resorted to putting them on the wall as they dry.

    All these little frustrations will be well worth it.
    Mark_Carderrgr[Deleted User]
  • Hang in there. This too shall pass and all will be accomplished. Waiting is not fun, but the results will be worth it.
  • Good Luck, may the building department spirits be with you. :)
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