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Incredible Portrait Show at the Salmagundi Club in NYC

Hi Everyone:

I just got back from a show at the Salmagundi Club in NYC. It was a show of portrait paintings from Portraits, Inc. One of the reasons that I went over was to see original paintings by John Howard Sanden and Raymond Everett Kinstler, which I've never had the opportunity to see before. There were also original paintings by Daniel Greene and Burt Silverman, which I have seen examples of many times before. Though there were many others, all terrific, I wanted to point out two examples specifically. One Australian artist named Paul Newton, beautiful portrait, stunning. The other portrait was by Paul Wyse and his image is shown in the link below. I point out Paul Wyse's painting not only because it is beautifully painted but if you go to his homepage, bottom link, his painting process is shown and I find it to be, in some ways, not dissimilar from DMP. All I mean by that is that he is painting edge to edge instead of working up his painting in layers.

If any of you are in the NYC area, the show is up until Friday the 20th. It's the type of show that really inspires me to get home to my easel and paint.

@iwanttopaintrealism Get yourself downtown to see one of Daniel Greenes subway paintings and you can tell the people down there about yours. I spoke to a representative from Portraits, Inc. there for a while today, Ruth Reeves. Very nice and very helpful. I think that she would be very impressed with someone your age that had a painting in the Met and a show at the Art Students League.

The Salmagundi Club
47 Fifth Ave
New York, NY 10003
Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 1-6pm, Sat - Sun 1-5pm
[Deleted User]Martin_J_Crane
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