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need help-DIY spray booth

edited November 2014 in General Discussion
:-? I may be wrong here but it seems that my wife thinks that I do not yet have enough hobbies since she decided to surprise me with an airbrush kit the other day.

~X( I now find myself in the difficult position of having to build my own spray booth which will have to reside somewhere between my painting and sculpting areas.

After exploring the vast realm of the Youtube kingdom I still feel puzzled as to where should the fan/blower be placed for best efficiency and what sort of features should I be thinking of including in my design. Moreover, I don't know what would be a good CFM rating for a booth that will probably be about 2' high x 3' wide x 18'' deep.

I plan to work on: school dioramas, model kits, sculptures, helmets, skateboards, shoes and so on.

Any advice, tips, links, ideas, etc., etc. on the matter will be greatly appreciated.


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