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new guy gearing up for DMP: made a color checker and proportional divider

Now to click "buy now" on my amazon and dick blick shopping carts! Yikes. I wouldn't do it if I didn't have faith in Mark. Already, after making and using Mark's proportional divider according to his instructions, shoulders square, arm extended, my drawing ability has improved 1000 percent! See my sketch of my wood stove and chair drawn from life using the proportional dividers, no big deal but I could not have drawn this before. I always wanted to paint but never dared to. Mark's no nonsense, straight forward teaching gives me the confidence to try. Thank you Mark Carder and hello forum members! I've been lurking for a month but soon I'll be mixing slow dry medium and paint in mason jars! It's all new to me and very exciting. Since I have no habits to break and don't know anything, I'll follow Mark's suggestions and welcome input from the forum. See you 'round.
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