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DMP Phishing Link Detected

Does anyone know why when I tried to sign on to the forum tonight I got this "Phishing link detected" warning from my antivirus program?



  • dencaldencal -
    edited November 2014

    My virus program (Norton 360) just blocks these automatically, so I wouldn't know when they arrive. Norton supplies a monthly report that usually says something like 2 intrusions detected, 50 sites blocked.

    At worst, these attacks can indicate someone has scripted the DMP Forum (or the Vanilla Forum) code to capture bank account details, passwords etc. of forum users. There has been some huge phishing attacks recently - Target, Home Depot amounting to 210 million customers with compromised credit cards and personal details at risk of being on-sold.

    Surprised that your virus checker gives you the option of allowing access.

    The Norton program rates this (DMP) page as SAFE.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] admin
    edited November 2014
    Your anti-malware software, Kaspersky, occasionally generates false positives with their heuristic analysis, and that is most likely the reason for the warning since the threat is not corroborated by other anti-malware software.

    Try copying the following link, signing out of the forum, and then copying the link into your address bar and going to it directly:

    My guess is that Kaspersky will not issue a warning, even though the content is exactly the same as what's delivered when you click the "Sign In" button, except not delivered in a jQuery pop-up window.
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