Third Still Life

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Hi Everyone!

I just finished my third still life. I am pleased with it. It was a challenge for sure, but I wanted to kick it up a notch. I was especially happy with the way the honey and comb in the glass jar turned out. Happy New Year to everyone!
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  • Hello Blue Owl,

    I love the folds of fabric, the reflections on the Cup
    very nice paint, thanks to share
    Happy New Year to you too
  • love it, especially the honey and of course the reflections, really nice job
  • Great job! I particularly like the orange and the folds in the fabric. Congratulations.. :)
  • Thanks Christel, Sue, and Gary!
  • Fantastic, I love it all. The texture on the orange is very nice and of course the honey, reflections. Nice work. ^:)^
  • Wonderful painting! Great job!
  • very good, i agree with how the fabric came out looks great. The reflectio form the orange onto the bowl is great.
  • I agree with everyone here. But I truly admire your reflections! I think it steals the show ^:)^

    I think pushing yourself up a notch really paid off! Fantastic and congratulations on a great piece!
  • Very nice indeed! Great way to start out the New Year... keep going ... it will be interesting to compare the first painting of next year with this year... a lot of growth can happen in a relatively short period of time using Mark's method. Well done! I too especialy like the fabric. :-bd
  • Love it, especially the reflections in the bowl and jar. Very well done!
  • Absolutely amazing! Love the way the fabric folds are painrted as well as the matt like finish to the base of the shiny silver cup. Well done!
  • Yep, the reflections are my fav too! Great job!
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    Ohhhh my goodness!!!! You guys are Fantastic!!!! Thank you sooooo much Gfish, Cynthia, Jay, Tjs, Shirley, Jonny, Lyn, Liz, and Mark Carder and tjs for their "Awesome" flags!!! Nice to see friends from the old forum here too!
    Something about me... My name is Robert. I am a graphic artist in Los Angeles. Art has always been a part of my life. I am one of the fortunate ones to have steady employment, and I am grateful, but I must admit, there has to be that "something more"! I could never feel complete as a person without doing what I really WANT to do...And that is ART. FINE ART! There is nothing that gives the same satisfaction as the arts...Music, Theatre, Literature, you name it, but those who do it, know the feeling. I am honored to be here amongst so many talented people! I am also a metalsmith...This is where the chalice in the painting came from. I studied Metalsmithing and Jewelry Arts for several years and I wanted to make a medieval chalice, so I did. It took over a year in production. It is hand hammered .925 silver and with rosewood knobs in the stem and it is set with 4 cabochon garnets. I have not done any metalsmithing for several years due to lack of a proper studio. The painting studio did not come with as many issues comparatively. I still needed the creative outlet, so I decided to paint. As a museum addict, and after seeing some of the great art in the world, I told myself, "o.k...just do it!" It would not have been possible though, I don't think, without having the fortunate happenstance of finding Mark Carder! So, to him I give the GREATEST Thank You! Some of my favorite artists are...Leonardo da Vinci, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Francisco de Zurbarán, Juan Sánchez Cotán, Picasso, Van Gogh, José Clemente Orozco, El Greco, Remedios Varo, Georgia O' Keefe, Vermeer, Rembrandt, and all the fantastic Still Life painters from the Dutch Golden Age. I also love Classic Greek Art, art from the Middle Ages—Renaissance and Illuminated manuscripts. I have a great interest in mayan and incan art and culture, as well as the interesting results that occured when the "old world" met the "new" during the age of exploration. I have been fortunate to have traveled to many Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, as well as to Spain in search of this quest. Those trips are also a big part of what inspires me.

    Thanks for reading, and Again for all the wonderful comments! I wish everyone a wonderful year and I can't wait to see all of your new works of ART!

    Oh, by the way, for anyone interested who lives in the LA area...There is a show at the Norton Simon called Significant Objects—The Spell of Still Life running through January 21st. I will be going before it closes.

    Best Regards to all,
  • Robert, I like your painting very much. I love the reflection in the chalice! That is very cool. Knowing that you made the chalice makes this even better. Great job.
  • Wow Robert! I think that's really cool that you made the wonderful chalice. It must really feel good to paint something you made in metal. Well done! :)
  • Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your comment! Yes, it made the painting extra special for me. I had to make sure I did it justice. Funny, it almost looks better than the real one. The magic of oil paint, I suppose. If I wasn't intimate with it enough with it when I made it, I definately am now! Your keyhole point landscape is wonderful! I want to do a landscape at some point. :-)

  • Ronna, Thank you as well for your nice comments!!! :-) It's nice to see you here!
  • Very well done.makes me wana eat that orange..the reflections are great too
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    Thanks Tattoo Artist! Your Great Ape portrait is so lifelike! You have captured raw nature!
  • mycmyc -
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    Hi Robert!
    Hey great job on this one! Love the orange, the reflections and the work on the fabric!
    Very very well done! Congrats Robert! :) =D>
    Oh and Happy New Year! :)
  • Robert, I like it even more now after knowing that you made the chalice yourself! It is indeed superb! And that orange and the jar of honey look so real as well. Fantastic job!
  • Wow. The texture on that orange is amazing!
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    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! Myriam, Vangie, and Amrit!!! Your comments mean so much!!! I need to get in here and really spend some time looking at everyone else's art! There are so many very talented people here. I'm amazed and inspired!!! :)
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    eres un artista extraordinario.... eres de gran inspiración para mi. Dios te bendiga cada dia con excelentes y maravillosas pinturas.... ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^
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