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Ok, so here is the low down on why I made this site and forum...

Mark_CarderMark_Carder admin
edited October 2012 in General Discussion
I made some DVD's about five years ago. Originally I was going to write a "how to paint" book. I worked pretty hard on it, came up with what I thought was the final version of the text and was starting to get all my diagrams and photos together... which meant painting a still life and taking photographs with my camera. It became obvious to me at some point that I should film it and make a video instead.

So with a business partner putting up the money, I made a how to paint DVD.

But I really never got into selling DVDs. The whole process of running a website for the purpose of convincing people to buy my DVD was not my thing. And the forum, as cool as it was, was only open to people who bought my DVD.

So I decided what I would do is create a website with direct links to free tutorial vids. I am going to make every effort to leave nothing out. If I find that there is some essential instruction needed, something I left out of all the vids, then I will film a new tutorial (or update an old one) to cover it. Now I know I have to make some money so I can keep filming and buy groceries. So in addition to all the free vids, I am going to sell some videos for $20 each (as a high-def downloadable video) - each of these videos will be filmed in a slightly more documentary style. They will each cover one painting. But unlike the straight tutorial free vids, these will be for free style - basically, follow along with Mark as he paints this particular painting from start to finish. I plan to paint a landscape, a still life, a portrait, a seascape, a floral, a horse (or maybe a dog or cat), and very likely many more. Attached is the still life I painted for the $20 still life vid which I hope to have edited and for sale in about two or three weeks.

These videos are way more fun to film, because I don't have to worry about making sure I explain the method perfectly because all that is in the free vids.

But what is sooooooo cool to me about Draw Mix Paint, it makes me so happy, is to know that anyone, anywhere, with only a halfway descent internet connection, with even a third hand smart phone on a cell network (not ideal I know), can learn to paint in oil. And I could not have done this even two years ago. For instance youtube vids are great quality now, remember early youtube? And the cameras I use to film now are WAY better than ones I used before, cost literally 1/5 the price.

Oh! And the forum, I want this to be a really fun and awesome place for ANYONE to come and get to know other artists, where you can help each other out, encourage each other etc, etc. I love the atmosphere in here already!

Ok, so lets paint!!!

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