Made a lot of changes, thanks to Denis and Kingston and all the forum suggestions.
Don`t know if I`m going to keep the trees.or maybe make them bigger, or a different variety, or maybe a bush.
The boy on the slide looks too big.
Going to start painting unless I get more suggestions that will improve it.
I enjoy challenging myself. ( hope I learn something from it. ) ;)
Thanks for listening.


  • Hey Bill. I don't think the boy is too big on the slide, but I do think the slide goes too far forward for the perspective to work. See the stairs that go down to the playground? It's really close to the boy coming down the slide. There should be more ground there. I'm glad you fixed the boy on the ball on the bench. He looks much more proportionate. Good progress!
  • MeganS, Thanks for the info, For the boy on the ball all I did was to make his head bigger and that fixed it. I couldn't believe it so I measured it and its right.
    I have to decide what I`m going to do with the trees. Leave them, make bigger, smaller, different variety ?
    With my sculptures, I didn`t start till I saw the finished piece in my head, have to try to do the paintings the same way. I was successful with that method for 30 or so years.
    This is what you have to deal with when your dealing with a guy that`s nuts to begin with. ;) Thanks again
  • Kingston; All my life I was thinking outside the box. I like it out here.
    I suspect that you walk around out here on occasion.
    Thanks, Jim
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