Canvas Repair

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Lifting my easel to relocate to better light, the portrait I was working on fell off because I had not secured it properly.
As Newton would have it, it fell corner first on the top left quadrant of my Bouguereau leaving a neat but unwelcome three inch rip in the canvass.

What an excellent opportunity to explore repair technique!
Apologies for not having a before and after set of pics, it is really straight forward.

Method: Cut overlarge square of old linen/cotton tea towel and soak in a generous quantity of PVC glue.
Apply to back of canvas with a flat surface supporting underneath. Leave to dry for 48 hours.

(Important edit) Dry with a flat weight on face surface and flat support underneath.

Fill the gap on the face of the canvas (about 1mm wide) with plaster. (A gel or impasto medium might work as well here).
Smooth and clean the surface excess with a damp cloth. Leave to dry for 24 hours. Sand lightly if necessary.
Apply several coats of oil paint extending across the repair and amalgamate value and texture with surround.
Finish off with the same surface treatment as the rest of the canvass - varnish, liquin, oil etc.

The back of the canvas clearly shows where the repair took place but the front surface repair is invisible.



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