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The Brush Holder

I have read all the old posts and I still do not have a clear idea of how to set up a brush holder for working and for storing my brushes. Are there any new updates or advice about this subject?


  • sorry if you had already read that post! ( as you said ) I'm a bit tired :-)
  • Laura

    Recycle 750 gram plastic food containers. Measure your commonly used brushes at the thickest part of the shank. Drill holes in the lid (i used a 10mm bit) to suit your brush size. I use eight holes but could run to twelve.

    May be an idea to have several containers on the go, one for the blacks and one for the whites and tints.

    Visit a hardware store and buy rubber "O" Rings to suit your brush size. I paid $2.50 for an assorted 100. Buy a cheap drying food grade vegetable oil such as safflower (about $1.90/liter). Buy a stainless steel or plastic scouring pad for agitating the paint off the brush.

    Submerse the scourer in the half filled container with the oil.
    Fit "O"rings to brushes and leave them on the brushes. When changing values insert brush into container and leave there until needed. A quick swish around and a wipe on a paper towel and your good to go.

    I may glue the base of the container to a small square of plywood to prevent tip overs. Hasn't happened yet. Prevention is better than cure.

    This system is low cost, sustainable, no solvent, no effort and the brushes last forever in good condition.

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