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Do you make more color in a clean jar?

I'm out of Raw Umber already and need to make more. Do you go for a clean jar and mix it with SDM? Or do you make more in the jar you have been using?


  • I re-use the same jar, but if the old paint is getting sticky or chunky, I wipe it out with a paper towel first. Maybe a little thinner and a second wipe if it's tough to get out.

    But if the paint in the jar is still nice, I just add more. Burnt umber seems to keep the best for me. White continues to confound me.
  • Thanks for the reply. I'm sure it's good. It's only been the in the jar for a couple weeks. I used it to finish the painting from workshop.
  • MeganS

    The problem with reusing old paint is the appearance of dried flakes of paint on the canvas. I suggest mixing the remnant with white and solvent, use it to tone some canvas.

  • @dencal‌ if it already has SDM in it, it probably isn't a good choice for toning -- only because of the drying time. If there's any dried flakes, I would just toss it out.
  • rgr

    I use paint remnants for toning (SDM or no) as it is usually some months before I use them.
    The dry flakes don't disappear but a light sanding smooths the surface.

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