2nd Portrait (maybe a little over my head here..)

I started my second painting today. I really wanted to paint my daughter who is picking flowers but she is wearing all kinds of textures and patterns. She likes to dress herself at the tender age of 4. She has polka dots on a rain coat, and a knitted hat in the bold colors. I truly love it but the dots! Ahhh! I cursed every single one that I drew. Of course now I see that Mark has mentioned on the online course to avoid patterns like wicker and high contrasting patterns. I have drawn a wicker chair before. It only took me a week...lol.

The hat was the first object I painted since it bordered her face. Surprisingly, the knitted pattern didn't bother me to much. Maybe it's because I'm a knitter and know which way the stitches are going? One thing is for sure, I'm going to learn lots, if not about painting, about patience.

Keep me accountable. This one is going to get done, one way or another.


  • MeganS

    Yeah! Keep goin. There is much merit in keeping it simple. Little point in exhaustion or failure in trying to achieve a pattern or texture that is merely incidental to the subject.

    I find I am asking myself more and more what is the focus of this painting and what do I want to say about it? The answer tells me where to apply the effort and where to make suggestive gestures (no I don't mean that kind).

    It is a big part of planning the composition. Shapes, light, dark, color, texture, pattern etc.

    A portrait for a second painting is bold and ambitious, but a great way to learn.

  • I'll keep it tight around the face and loosen up a bit everywhere else except her hands. I know that the background is going to be painterly. The flowers she's holding will be tight and accurate. So to answer your question, I want the face/hands and flowers to be the focal point. Not the dots. Maybe I should get the hands done too along with the face. I don't particularly like jumping around, but I may not have a choice in the matter this time.
  • Kingston said:

    Uh is there an image?

    I'll put it in post your paintings...if I can figure it out. Total newb on here.
  • Practice and hard work are the only formula's of success. Keep practicing, you will definitely achieve your goal.
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