First solo show - need advice

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Recently I wanted to attend for the first time a local art guild meeting that was being held at a well known non-profit community art gallery. Upon my arrival the Director of the gallery informed me that the meeting had a last minute change in location and had started an hour earlier. When he saw my disappointment, he invited me into his office for a friendly get acquainted chat. As we chatted, he asked what kind of work I did and I showed him my web site. Upon reviewing my work he made some kind remarks and then offered to show me the rest of the gallery. A half hour later, as I was standing at the door to leave, he asked me whether I would be interested in a solo show next May that would run for a month. I was completely surprised and was almost speechless as I had never been offered such an opportunity before. Now the challenge is to have 20 new paintings done by then! So, my question is simply, how do I go about getting this effectively accomplished?

Thanks. Ralph
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