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Work in Progress - Whiskey bottle

I haven't painted since January, but I have a couple of vacation days off, and so decided to take a quick stab at a new painting. I have horrible sleeping patterns when I'm off work, this painting I worked on from 1:30am to 4am. I hope to finish it in one more session.

I'm working rather quickly, and just doing a quick (sloppy) freehand sketch before painting it in.
I think the real magic, and fun, is in the color matching, and I also believe it's somewhat forgiving there too. Although I realize it's much more stunning realism when done carefully. I'm too excited and need to slow down a bit, perhaps once I get a few more under the belt.

So I haven't really been a perfectionist, but I find it remarkable that it already looks like something identifiable. I already learned about the artist's curse, and just to press on putting the right colors in the right places, even though it looks like complete crap in the beginning.
In fact, to me it looked like crap until I took the picture and viewed the thumbnails on the computer, and had to pause a moment to see which was the photo, and which was the painting.
A testament to Mark's fantastic method.

It's an old whiskey bottle i found on the beach in Jamaica Bay. I think if I had a rose or flower in there somewhere it would complete the composition.



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