Hello, fellow Carderites!!!

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Hello again from Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you so much, Mark, for being back and for your generosity in sharing your time again and all these.

So glad that discussions will resume via this Forum...
Looking forward to reading/seeing updates from everyone.
I'm not game yet to share my still life paintings... and I've yet to finish my portrait painting ... all work-in-progress.
To date, I still haven't found out where I could get the 5000 kelvin lighting... very frustrating.
In recent months, I've been concentrating more on my charcoal drawings, so that I can improve on my painting skills.

Happy painting, Everyone!!!
Vangie Tyrrell


  • Carderites? oh brother :-)

    Welcome Vangie! One thing cool about being in Hawaii is flight times from the US east coast are about the same as to Australia. You don't normally think about Hawaii as being "centrally located" LOL One of my wife's good friend is from down-under. She is married to an American and one of the reasons they live here is to be equally close to both families.
  • Thanks, Mark.
    Looks like I'd be busy going through your new website, and familiarising myself with the new forum. I've just finished watching your videos on making a wooden color checker and how to draw in proportion (mug) ... that's very kind of you to share all these for free.
    I think for now I'll stick with the colour checker I got from you ... I don't think I'd be able to make one of your new version... I wish I could just buy one ready made.
    Looking forward to buying some more of your DVDs.
  • I am going to film a "how to make a foam board color checker" soon. TJ suggested that to me. That cc is going to be a breeze to make. Believe it or not the color checker I made in the tutorial (of wood) works better than the stainless steel one.
  • Hi Vangie! Not sure if you've watched the new 'lighting' video Mark made but if memory serves me, the light temperature can be between 4800 and 5200 K and still work out well.
  • Hi Mark.
    Thanks for the tip re cc. It's typical of your generosity to say that the wood cc works better than your steel one.
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming film re foam cc.
  • Hi Gary
    Thanks for that, Gary... no, but I certainly will.
  • Glad to see you here again Vangie! Happy to hear that you have started some paintings and I really can't wait to see your work! :)
  • I agree with the term "Carderites " :-) !
  • By the way, Mark, I didn't start the term "Carderites"... other members did... I just followed suit... I thought it's an apt and cool term... :)
  • Hi Myriam. I just love your paintings! They're all fantastic!!! You're just getting better and better and better... I hope I'll own one of your paintings one day. :)
  • Hi Vangie,
    Welcome to this form. I was able to find 5000k lights at my greenhouse web sight. I grow orchids and will use full spec. lighting. The web sight is acf greenhouses.com
    I was able to get a 40w 5000k cfl bubl that fits in any reg. fixture. It works great. If not this web sight try greenhouse supplies around you and I am sure you will be able to find this type of lighting. I hope this will help. Great to talk with you. I love this form and I hope to see your paintings soon. bjart2 (Barbara)
  • Hey Vangie! You are too kind! Thanks so much. Maybe we can meet at the Draw Mix Paint meeting in Hawaii :)>- :) Will bring my paintings so that you can choose :D
  • Hi Myriam... okay, sounds good to me!!! when is this meeting?
    I love all your paintings, but my #1 favourite is still Douchka... :)
  • Thanks for your suggestion, Barbara... I'll check it out. :)
  • Vangie, depends on Mark!
    You are so kind Vangie, Douchka is gone but next week I will pick it up to put the final varnish on it. :)
  • Just found this forum. Taking in the new videos. I kept the same screen name as the old forum. Good to see many of you here. I haven't painted a thing since I went back to work in may. Have been working 6 days a week plus overtime beyond that until a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm getting the itch again. Showed my friend some of my paintings in photos and she flipped. Got me motivated again. Thanks Mark. Great forum and videos as usual.
  • Yay...glad you are here. I am like you too busy with work and family but really ready to start again. :)
  • Carderites...now that's creative ^:)^

    Always enjoy your posts Vangie...you seem honest and straight forward in your answers...and I really like that...looking forward to seeing more of your lovely art work real soon!
  • Welcome back newb! Nice to see you again on the new forum. Glad you've got the 'itch' back...looking forward to seeing your new paintings. :)
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