Hello from Spain

Hello everyone. I have drawn all my life, 32 years old now. I moved to Spain 2 years ago from Ireland and during the summer I draw portraits from life on the promenade. I need some colour in my life and have decided to start oil painting.
Is Mark's method a good way to start for a complete beginner?

I plan to enroll in the online course, do you think it would be better if I did ten or so still lifes first before I sign up for the course?

Really looking forward to learning from you all and to be part of the online community.

All the best, Ernesto


  • @Ernesto, you must be good to draw portraits ! I live in Ireland. Mark's way is great for anyone...watch all the videos and try to take as much information in as possible. This method is about learning to see colour and tone correctly. You should make the medium and a Colour checker,and go for it...don't hang around ,you will be amazed with the results. looking forward to seeing your first painting :-h
  • Ernesto. I actually think it would be better to take the online course first. The course is really designed to help students get started on the right foot. I find much of the teaching that I do in the online course is just working through all the little issues that come up with getting started.

    Also, it is better to learn all the fundamentals (what the course is all about) first so you don't form any bad habits or workflows.
  • @Ernesto I just started in January and frankly without Mark's guidance through his videos and this forum I would have had no idea where to start. Absorb as much as you can and find what works for you. I love painting landscapes that happen to be golf courses and frankly his method has made this all nothing but an enjoyable experience. I have not taken Mark's class online but have no doubt it is worth it if the free information he has provided is any indication. Not sure you need a bunch of paintings first, as he may be able to out you on a better path if you get the instruction first. Just my thoughts. Good luck.
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    Welcome to the forum Ernesto!

    My advice would be to take the online class, instead of doing TEN still life paintings focus on ONE and let Mark guide you through the process.
  • Welcome. I would just jump right in with Mark's course. I don't think you can go far wrong. There will be plenty of people to compare notes with as well.

    Good luck with it.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I will take your advice and sign up for the course first.
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