Using Alternative Whites


In an attempt to reduce/eliminate the chalky white skin tones I have been using variously W&N transparent white, zinc white and the W&N Winton soft mixing white. I can report moderate success on this aim. Each of these whites is some combination of zinc and titanium white.

The problem has now shifted, as it inevitably does. It takes only a short time to 'set up', that is to become unworkable on the palette and unblendable on the canvas. I can deal with this by working a bit faster. The major problem on the canvas is that it remains sticky for a long time (weeks) and tacky forever. This is a frustration when I am waiting to apply glazes to a portrait.

I am not using SDM in this instance, just water mixable pigments and water mixable medium (but no water). I may have to mix with some liquin to speed the drying process.

Has anyone experienced similar results with alternative whites?

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