Comparing Linen and cotton canvases

Other than the price how do they differ? Roy


  • Thanks again for the quick informative response. For a beginning painter maybe it would be something in the future. Roy
  • Roy

    For me the difference is that linen (fine weave) can be painted with a much finer level of detail and the final image is not as matted by the texture of the surface.

    Though, if i want a high level of fine detail I would probably opt for gator board, Yupo or Ampersand Gessobord.

    Linen is fine, but a bit slick and you have to work harder or use lots of medium to get the paint off the brush.

    I have also read that it tends to slacken on the frame timber, more easily than cotton, with a consequent loss of tension.

  • Denis, very interesting information. Getting a lot of info from this forum. Thanks! Also the Cad red light and zinc white came very close to lightening red. Roy
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