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WIP Painting #2

Here's my second attempt at a still life painting using DMP as my guide. I'd really appreciate your I on the right track? Thanks!


  • susand

    Excellent work. Agree with Kingston slightly lighter highlights and slightly darker shadows will improve the dimensionality. You could probably do that with some progressive glazing.

  • love it! that orange looks like it could roll over that fabric and fall right out onto the floor!
  • I see what you're saying...thought the same when comparing the photo of the set-up to the photo of the painting.

    Here's the problem: I use my color checker faithfully and match my mixed paint to the portion of the set-up carefully - until the paint on the checker "disappears" when held up to the object and this is this is the result. I'm wondering if I'm just not able to see well enough through the small hole of the color-checker. I think the photo of the set-up enriches and simplifies values, too. But, I really want to paint from life rather than photos.

    Also, the highlights on the oranges are white with the slightest amount of yellow added. Do you ever use white straight out of the tube? Some of the tablecloth is plain white which doesn't seem to be very white. The only way I know of to intensify the white-out-of-the-tube highlights in the tablecloth is to make everything deeper in value. And that means abandoning the color checker.

    Any thoughts?
  • susand

    It's fine as is, in fact lovely, no one will have the photo to compare as we do.
    Only if you want it exact, try darkening the dark values progressively, including the background and the shadow side of the fruit. That may make the highlights pop.

    Is your white balance OK?

  • I checked the white by a good bit so I added a layer of white plastic to the top of my shadow box. Then I re-mixed the orange for the front of the orange towards the front of the bowl and the new mixture was quite a bit darker. I'm painting the bowl now and will re-mix and work on the oranges and table cloth when I'm finished with it. So, that's at least part of my problem. Thank you!

    I know the color checker must work and am sure my trouble with it is operator error. I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong and get frustrated. I do work from dark to light. I tend to be detail oriented and have trouble simplifying so I think I may end up with way too many values for one object. Plus I overwork &'s an addiction, I just can't stop ;)

    I really, really value your advice and critiques! I want to paint good realism and am dissatisfied with my results so far. Not that I'm giving up....I tend toward tenacity, too. So, Kingston, don't hold back...tell it like it is....I appreciate that. Do you have any recommendations (other than to keep painting, which I plan to do) to help me along in learning color and value? I'm working my way through "How to See Color and Paint It" by Arthur Stern...interesting. Do you know of any other good books?
  • Hi, You might be getting some glare on your color checker, throwing your colors off. Try turning it up or down, even sideways.
  • That is a wonderful painting, way better than my second painting. Don't stop.
  • Hi Susan! Lovely work! You are inspiring me... I can't wait to get started. I've only been here a week and am still working on getting set up. I am not new to painting, however. I put both your photos in a word doc to compare and the oranges seem spot on. Like others have said, the darks may not be dark enough. And I'm not sure where the warmest tones in the bowl are coming from. I'm sure it is because I can't see what you're really seeing and the photos may not be accurate - esp if you are using the color checker. Please post another photo after you work some more!
  • yeh, I know. It was just a quick way to look at two photos side by side. I do have Paint, but not on my laptop. I'll have to check out David's thread.
  • I like it. Well composed & colorful.
  • Whistler - thank you! And thanks for the tip.

    Starrgirl - thank you for the encouragement! The warm areas you see in the bowl are unpainted - hadn't gotten there when pic was taken. Have since wiped all that off and remixed the colors.

    Melissa - thanks so much - I do love the turquoise/orange combo.

    Stay tuned - I'm remixing colors, glazing fruit, darkening shadows, etc. I work full time outside my home the first part of each week and have Thu - Sun off. I plan to paint this weekend and will post an updated photo then. Thanks so much for all the encouragement and advice!
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