I've been watching the still life video and there's some talk about strings that are used for judging something or other, I'm not sure what. My guess is that the strings are used to line up the canvas with the still life setup? Or line up the artist's position? Could someone explain this? Thanks!


  • I use ribbon to make sure my perspective on the still life is the same every time (when drawing using the proportional divider). I have two ribbons -- one at my shoulder, and one at my wrist (with my arm extended). I tie a washer to the end of the ribbon and dangle it from the ceiling.
  • painthacker

    I usually use the word strings in the context of a chain of related values in a color group. So each color group has a value string. Though in this case the 'string' is as rgr describes a weighted cord giving a vertical reference line on the subject that duplicates a vertical reference line on the drawing. In this way horizontal measurements on the subject can be transferred as horizontal measurements on the drawing.

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