Slow Drying Recipe?

Hey I am just curious about the slow drying recipe. What makes this recipe slow drying? Is there an easier and less expensive recipe that use less ingredients? Is there a slow drying recipe that is non-toxic?


  • The SDM has more than just slow drying properties. The only toxic ingredient is OMS and he uses Gamsol, as far as I know, and Gamsol is as non-toxic as OMS gets (but still not completely non-toxic). In other parts of the world, I think there is a product called ShellSol which is very similar to Gamsol. It might be possible to eliminate it by adding more clove oil, or maybe by substituting spike oil, but I think you'd be on your own for figuring out the ratios.

    The other properties you get from Mark's SDM formula are self leveling and strong paint film, from both the heat bodied linseed (stand) oil and the venice turps. The refined linseed probably helps with slow drying, and the clove oil definitely helps with slow drying. They both also help with fluidity. I'm pretty sure the OMS is just to get the medium to be more fluid though.

    Be aware though that if you substitute OMS with either clove oil or spike oil, it may become *very* slow drying.

    Mark would be able to speak to this better than I can.
  • I didn't see Gamsol on the list of things to get. Thanks for sharing that with me. I alos thought shiva Turpentine has toxic as well. There are five ingredient listed to make the slow drying mixture. I would think that there would be something you could buy in the store that slows drying time already made. I was just hoping for something less expensive to make. Also what is the differernce in drying time with the sdm and lets say just linseed oil. thanks for you help.
  • Venice turps is non-toxic. In fact, the term "turpentine" is a bit overloaded and can mean more than one thing. Gum turpentine is made from pine tree sap or pulped wood and is toxic. Venice turpentine is made from larch resin (also a kind of pine tree sap) but is non-toxic and a fundamentally different product. It's easy to get confused.

    You'll have to ask Mark about variations or just using linseed. I know the self leveling we get from venice turps and stand oil make a difference when painting wet into wet (or at least it seems to for me). You won't get that from just adding linseed oil.

    There are slow drying mediums you can buy from art supply stores, but I can't say how good or bad they are, or what other properties they have.
  • Thank you. I have learned a few things today.
  • So could you tell me how long it takes the paint to dry using the mixture?
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