Mixing Painting Medium

I just mixed the painting medium and had a lot of trouble with the veeeery sticky venetian turpentine. Mine has not the texture of honey, but of resin. Do I have the wrong one? The stand oil is like honey, but the venetian turpentine is much thicker.


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    Try immersing the venetian turpentine container in warm water for an hour or so before you use it. It will be much more fluid and will flow freely. If you are in a big hurry use the microwave --- but be careful.

    Larch resin is a natural resin and it is the tree's natural defenses against insect attack, moulds and fungus. It needs to be thick and sticky, but it works wonders in SDM.

    Which brand did you buy?

  • I like it thick.
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    If you are having problems, I would suggest finding a baby medicine syringe, or some other syringe that is just for liquids without a needle. I used that with every ingredient as it helped me to measure out the parts easier. Btw, it IS resin, from the larch tree, so it is meant to be thick. (edit: and dencal already said that lol)
  • Thank you all. I bought one from "Schmincke". It's a German brand. It's called Venezianisches Terpentinharz, dickflüssiger Naturbalsam, viscous natural balsam. I already used a syringe without needle for measuring, but the resin was so thick, that I could not manage to get it into it :-) So I cut off the bottom of the syringe. Next time I will try to warm it up a little. I was just irritated because there exist two "versions" depending on the brand. Some call it resin, some call it oil in the ending of the name. But I will try the medium now, not mixing a whole tube of color, but only the color on the pallet and see how it works.
  • Almost as viscous as the resin is :-)
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