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Hello to you all,

My name is Christel, I am 44 years old and I live in France, in a small village north of Orléans (100 km or 62.1 mile south of Paris)
After practicing the pastel a long time ago now, I put myself this year... acrylic painting and oil now to try to paint portraits

I discovered Mark by You tube and here I am among you to inform me of your techniques (the divider was a total discovery, here it does not use this instrument to measure, using a grid for photographs either the pencil is used after deciding the size of one of the objects of a composition)

In advance thank you to forgive my language mistakes, I'm going to help me a translator of course otherwise this could be fun sometimes :) ... and I also appreciate all the help you can give me

I also wish you to spend happy holidays of end of the year
and especially since the new year you be gentle...



  • Well another foreigner so I do not feel alone! If you can, I suggest you to see Mark's portrait video is very useful and it costs very little!
    I already toned my canvas so I can start soon my new creature!
    Welcome among us all great people and available ... think I never signed up for a forum in my entire life ... but this had something different and I was not wrong!
    WONDERFUL :\">
    Maria from Italy
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    Welcome Christel! :-h
    Mark has generously provided a wonderful site full of great information that helps anyone improve as artists. You will quickly make lots of new friends who are always around to help when needed. l look forward to seeing your paintings and hope you'll be an active participant in the forum by not only sharing your paintings but also sharing your thoughts and ideas on the variety of subjects posted by the members. :)
  • Welcome Christel! Please feel at home here! :-)
  • Grazie Maria :)

    Beginning of December, I painted my first portrait oil... a grisaille and I have progress to make... especially for the eyes

    Mark video interests me but can we paint Emily or should one find another model? (I think the rights, I do not know how it works internationally)
    I already have the name of the future... "masterpiece"! smileys Forum
    It takes just that Emily is not upset by the result because there is no guarantee at all smileys Forum but I promise that it will not look like Shrek! smileys Forum (... I hope smileys Forum... )

    Thanks for your help

  • Thank you Gary,.

    Active, I do not know...
    Share, Yes, but not my paintings... I gotta get first, only the few of my knowledge
    Give, Yes... my encouragement and my compliments
    But if I have anything useful to add... I would appreciate your paintings in silence

  • Thanks Mark,

    Especially for very useful videos... (I did my divider last Thursday, without all the holes, just 1/1, 1/1.5, 1/2, 1/2.5, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 and again I doubt often use the last four but at least they can serve me as a reduction)

    Have a nice day
  • Welcome to the forum Christel! :)
  • We LOVE meeting people from all over the world! So glad you all are here. Believe us when we say your English is much better than we could ever hope to write to you in your native tongue! ^:)^
  • Thank you Tjs and Liz

    French is not easy and it can't hurt to review my English :)
  • Have a look to Valentin post
    I just finished my daughter portrait
    and you will see what Mark's method can do after 1 year of hard work!!! :\">
  • I've seen, it's very beautiful
  • Mark video interests me but can we paint Emily or should one find another model? (I think the rights, I do not know how it works internationally)
    I already have the name of the future... "masterpiece"! smileys Forum
    It takes just that Emily is not upset by the result because there is no guarantee at all smileys Forum but I promise that it will not look like Shrek! smileys Forum (... I hope smileys Forum... )

    Finally, I replied to myself ;)) ... I will do otherwise...
    Thanks to me :(|) :D
  • Take a good quality photo so you can see all the details you can charge it on your pc enlarge as you want! I've got a glass to put on the screen to test the paint otherwise you can do as Mark a very big paint and a big foto!
    Brushes on a large canvas are easy to control than small brushes on a small canvas!
  • Thanks Maria

    I used to print the photo 15 x 20 cm then to draw with a grid to my paper 30 x 40 cm
    I have a small portable dvd player, I can transfer the photo on a key usb and zoom in a part if I need details

    Anyway, I can not paint too small, I have macular degeneration in both eyes with one that has already a scotoma and the other damaged... "c'est la vie"

    My concern was just to know if I could paint Emily (I asked Mark privately but it has come on the forum and didn't have to see me :(( :D )... but I will try with another model, I already have two in mind ;)
  • Hi Christel. I am also new and found Mark's videos on youtube. I am so excited to start this new way of painting!
  • Hello Sue,

    Mark shows an excellent way to get started in the paint... it helps to have a good basis that I find essential for after if you want have a less realistic style

    In free videos that I've seen, I like learning the color mixing to have one that is desired

    I already knew the string of the colors, how to isolate a portion of the subject to be painted but not with a color checker

    Completely new in the painting? :)
  • Mark is stingy with his photos....I tried to get him to supply Emily's too and he told me to take my own photograph! It is like he is determined to force me to learn something! :-?? :))
  • Liz, he said me the same thing in private ! :)

    I have to find me a model, not a person from my family or my loved ones because if I turn them into E.T. they won't be pleased =))
  • Me too! Guess we both have some work to do in the new year! <:-P
  • There's no better model than yourself. Set the timer on your camera and run into position. You may have to do that 100+ times but eventually you'll get one you like. =P~
  • Hello Ronna,

    I thought but not... I'd make something beautiful still! =))
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    Bonjour Christel!
    Contente de savoir qu'il y a une autre française dans le groupe!
    Ok I will continue in english as we both have the desire to improve it! Isn't it fantastic! In this forum not only we get precious and valuable painting lessons, advice and tips but on top of that we can improve our english knowledge! I am glad to see that you are as delighted as I am to be part of this fantastic group! :)
    Looking forward to see your work!
    Bienvenue et bisous :-* :)
  • myc

    This is quite common, during my studies I discovered that many Chinese and Japanese factory workers, pool their holiday money and charter a 747 to come to Australia with the sole intention of visiting every wild animal park and being able to interact with guides and other park visitors to learn English. I had to admire their focus and future thinking.

  • I like watching 'other than English' films with subtitles.
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    Bonjour Myc,

    Une Frenchie, ça me fait plaisir :)>-
    A Frenchie, that makes me happy

    To see my paintings, should already that I do, at the moment I am doing a crisis of procrastination :D

    This morning I prepared the photos of my subject for the portrait, one in black and white with a grid for proportions to see on my canvas, one in color...
    But create color mixings will take me some time, I began painting

    Merci pour ton message de bienvenue, bisous :)
    Thank you for your welcome message
  • I wish I had studied French or Spanish so I could practice also. I am thankful for your presence and hope you feel welcome.
  • Welcome Christel. Hope once you get going, you will let us see something of your work!
  • Thanks Gfish and Jonny :)
    It's ok, I will show you my work but when I see Gary's work or others... aïe aïe aïe, I'm a very beginner :-O
  • Everyone is a beginner at some point. You become a master like Mark and Gary by doing it. (Gary's not really a master like Mark but we try to be a good support group). Look forward to seeing your contribution.
  • Gary, that was so beautifully stated, and obviously so heartfelt.
  • Welcome Christel ... Gary said it better than I ever could....(I think he is secretly an author)... :D
  • Wonderful words Gary, wonderful encourgaging words......thank you for this post!
  • Thanks to you all ;)

    Gary, I read the forum, I see that you help much... other names often also return
    Learn from you, share, it's certain, I hope just to give also, I do see life otherwise

    You seem all so nice and adorable >:D<

    Hop, a big kiss to everyone on each cheek (like we made in France) :(|) :D
  • So very nice to have you here will learn much..enjoy!
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