Custom DMP App in progress

I am working on a DMP app for Android at the moment, and was wondering how many people using the forum have smartphones, and whether you have an Android or iOS device (tablets are fine too). If there are enough people with iOS devices I may port it there too, I'm just a little rusty with Cocoa/Objective-C as it's been a few years since I've worked with it and I have an Android so that version will come first (that and I don't have an active developer account with Apple right now, gotta pay that damn $100 fee lol).

Right now I am working on getting it to be able to do the same things you can when using the current desktop/mobile interfaces, but I am planning to add a view to only see Unread discussions, as I remember seeing that in a post somewhere and it would be nice lol. Also planning on making part of the app be a supply list, where people just getting started can go to the store, and check things off as they get them, or refer to it or whatever they would like to do.

If anyone is interested in testing once I get to that stage, please respond and state that and I will make a list and will get with you shortly when I have enough implemented to need to be fully tested :)
Castillomarieb[Deleted User]


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