i havent painted in a year

I seem to have lost motivation. Depressed? Maybe. But I have always had depression. I had my husband build a light box. I have a studio in my garage, plenty of paints and brushes and I am just... flat... no inspiration. Feeling like what's the point. Pretty dismal right? I am an animated happy person with people and a dreary slug at home the past year. Health? Ok mentally on lexapro for years. I feel the cheerleaders out there might know what I am going through. I googled my symptoms and got the familiar platitudes of cures. Every thing from check your thyroid to have someone peanut oil on my back and legs. Why can't there be something simple? Why did I used to sleep eat and live art? What happened?


  • Hi Maugie, I don't have any quick answers, but know that you're not alone. You may be depressed but try to do small things that are outwardly focused until it lifts and your motivation returns. It will.
  • @maugie....I know how you feel....within depression there are periods of instability...a little higher...a little lower... you are having an extended low period at the moment. When your mood can get worse it means it can also get better, and it will. The world is quite a tough place to live in sometimes, and we have no choice but to live here. When you are "up" with people it gives you relief from your "down" periods....dont worry too much about not painting. I know I am getting "down" when I don't listen to music, then I don't paint. Do what makes you feel good for a week , even if it means sitting outside reading , doing no housework, eat ice cream, buy a joke book....whatever....it will change and you will want to paint again. Keep in touch here :-*
  • @maugie‌

    Assume you motivation level is now about two out of ten. Watch this short video and then tell me how motivated you feel.


  • Always amazed by how many different values there are in a Face .
  • I've never battled depression but everybody expereiences low motivation at times. I absolutely believe in the power of regular vigorous exercise to produce endorphins and get the blood circulating. Anything aerobic to start and as you get fitter start some strength training. Exercise and good diet and consistency are the keys to long term benefits. Its not easy. But it does pay big dividends!!
  • lord thanks for the advice. Some of winch I will really try and haven't heard before. David grey is just... mercy... what to say about him. I have all his videos. Now... I have found a muse that is starting to get my self in a better place. And I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow.
    Here is my muse.
    Her name is tresea Oaxaca. Finally a real live genius. Thanks for trying to help me out I pray I can get rid of my black dog
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    Hello Maugie,
    I could not go past your post. I joined this site only yesterday and have been browsing through only to get caught on your words...
    My heart goes out to you, I know how hard it is to get your enthusiasm back due to life's unpleasant events that seem to interupt us at the most inconvenient times. The only solice I find is knowing there is a time and season for everything under the sun. Our human makeup is so complex and intricate, we are incredibly fashioned and made. I have learnt to just relax and let those moments pass, we loose our passion, we feel deflated, we just want to lay in bed all day, lol.... Sometimes just to let yourself go and give your body time to realign and heal...it is a total weight off your shoulder as to what you think you should be doing.
    Last week I sat and painted and felt alive again to the beautiful world of being lost in my art. I have not painted for around two years. Painting was a daily activity for me which I did constantly for about eight years... I would walk into an art store and be like a small child in a lollie shop, eyes full of awe, looking at all the wonderful paints and brushes, it gave me such a buzz and filled me with such a satisfaction. Then to come home with your purchase and sit at your art table and play and create all day in your own little world miles away from anyone else. Then one day it all just stopped, I couldn't paint, I would just go blank at the canvas and felt so depressed.. It was life, issues and dealing with depression...
    Anyway... Something just clicked and the beautiful passion for painting has suddenly appeared. So last week I sat and finished my first painting in years.. I joined this site after browsing portrait artists and found interest in the methods of Marks artwork. Eager to conect again with other artists and anxious to paint again.
    Everything has a season and a time , this morning out of the blue someone contacted me for a commission portrait, so go figure, lol...
    I encourage you, don't loose heart. God gave you the passion in the first place, He gave us all gifts to enjoy. The desire and passion will ignite again... when the time and season is right.

    Btw, your painting is beautiful :)
  • Netty_Koz

    Welcome to the DMP Forum.
    And congrats on the new commission.

  • Thanks Denis, I should make my way to introduce myself in the newbie category :)
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    I know what you are going through. I haven't painted in a year as well. Needed a break. Too much and in a bit of slump.

    Now I'm starting to pick up the brushes again. Nothing big, but doing 5x7, focusing on simple subjects to build me back up. Also been taking photos shot to get inspired.

    You will get again. Start small, focus on an apple, orange, flower (fake),etc. Simple is best. You'll see your desire will build again.
    Wishing God's inspiration. >:D< :x

    PS - On those uninspired days, I knit...lol. Keeps me not thinking about art slump. Just saying. ;;)
  • gosh you sound like me thank god for knitting as i too knit
  • I hope you are ok, and I hope you get through this tough time quickly. I just got some depressing personal health issue, so I truly think i know how you feel.
  • @Ron , I am sorry to hear that! Wish you all the best...
  • Everyone here with health issues: Please be well.
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