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Color is Relative


  • My lack of understanding of this simple truth (that you point out in your new blog) almost caused me to give up painting when I had just begun. I listened closely to your videos, I gathered the materials and I started in painting. I had gotten much of the darker colors placed in a portrait and it looked so wrong to me that I thought I must just be a "color idiot". I considered (and even mentioned to my wife) giving up right then. But, as I kept painting, it all started to look right to me and in the end I was proud of the painting. It was a huge lesson to learn as I almost threw the painting away during that doubtful phase. The moral is that if you matching the color to the best of your ability, it may look very wrong during some phases of the process. But don't give up on it, the "wrongness" is probably an illusion!
  • I experienced this very dramatically in Mark's class. It's something I was unable to get through at home for what ever reason. For me it was really hard to keep painting when everything looked wrong. Mark's class sort of helped me force my way through it and wow. It's a very trippy thing to experience. I feel like I know this great secret now and when I try to tell my friends about it, they don't really get it, or maybe they aren't interested. Anyway, it's pretty amazing.
  • Mark_CarderMark_Carder admin
    @opnwyder and @rgr - I had the same thing happen to me when I started. I couldn't believe my mother's skin was the color of chocolate in shadow.

    @Kingston - yes I need to start doing more hangouts :-)
  • @Mark_Carder - I agree on the hangouts :) I like watching those, hope to be on one some day!
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