Titanium White sdm mixing

I was going back over my list and noticed I accidentally bought the W&N titanium white, which has been stated it will dry really fast even when mixed with the medium and to use Rembrandt TW. Would it be possible to do the same thing as with the burnt umber and use pure clove oil initially in the jar before adding sdm?


  • savignano

    If you can't exchange the TW, I suggest you just mix just enough TW with SDM for each session. directly on the palette.

  • The Rembrandt is pretty cheap, only $21 for 150ml so I'll be ordering some, just don't want to wait longer before I can get started. I'll do what you suggest though, I was thinking that might be what I would have to do until I can get some Rembrandt TW in, but was wondering if I could make what I had work until then.

    If I mix it up every time on the pallet then I don't have to go buy another jar when I want to mix up the Rembrandt anyway, thanks Denis :)

  • Interestingly, I made the same mistake about 6 months ago, and I have not experienced the hardening that others have mentioned in previous threads. I can be a little lumpy, especially if I leave it a few months between paintings, but overall I have found it workable enough.

    But I guess you would be safer doing what @dencal suggested.
  • Ps, @savignano‌: if you're buying the Rembrandt TW, make sure it's the 118 version. The primary vehicle must be linseed oil, or you will get the hardening that occurs with the W&N TW.
  • @kierspics‌: Thanks for the heads up! It didn't state which it was on amazon (which sucks since it's a prime item lol) but it's actually about the same price from jerrys and specifies the linseed version so I'll probably pick some up soon.
  • @dencal,I initially bought the wrong white. I now have the correct one but mixed it with the wrong medium,the one for the coloured paint...result...chewing gum....can it be rescued by adding more medium or just chuck it and mix more ?
  • Marieb

    I know of no way to rescue gummed TW. Best to start fresh.

  • @marieb you can try adding some clove oil and see if that brings back the consistency you want. If that's too expensive to use (if it would require too much of it), I would just try adding linseed oil. It can't get any worse, and it would be a shame to throw it away.
  • @rgr It definitely cannot get any worse.... Clove oil is not too expensive here....I will give it a go and let you know how I get on. I just don't want it to ruin any paint that has to be mixed with white :-SS
  • Try adding some refined linseed oil, i added it to my thickening W&N titanium white and it has become ketchupy ^^ again.
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