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Hi all !! I'm Sylvain :)

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Hi everyone here!
My name is Sylvain Klein, I'm a french artist and I'm here to improve my painting skill !! :)

For the little background, I allways drawing and at 17 I went to an art school where I discovered the digital media (3D and 2D creation). I putt all my energy on this at this moment and after school I worked in the digital art field.

I started as 3D modeler in architecural field, then I was 2D+3D artist in the video game industry for mostly 3 years. After that I moved near Paris and worked as 2D+3D designer in the luxe fragrance industry working for the biggest brands of the world. (ex: Dior, Prada, JeanPaul Gaultier, Lady Gaga, Issey Miake, Nina Ricci, Valentino, ...)

Now I want to go back to the basics ! Graphite and charcoal pencil and paint !
I never seriously paint in the past. I am more a pencil guy ;)

Here you can find my sketchbook that I started few month ago :

Here is my portfolio website:

and finally here my paint sketchbook thread I open here to have you advices and comments :) :

Glad to be here and hope some nice skill progress :)
See you ^^


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