Yellow hue under studio light vs Sunlight.

I've painted most of my work in the studio using a good Ott light, but when I check to see the painting in sunlight the yellows ( W&N pale or Med. Yellow ) the color is terrible, sorta like a mustard. I think that all my color mixes are spot on even when I use the yellow in the mix.
Any thoughts, greatly appriciated.


  • Ron

    You "Otta" check the color temp of the light.

  • @Kingston‌, need a little help on this. The camera is a Panasonic Lumina and I don't know where to look for the wb. I'll look into the camera specs to see what I can find. Meanwhile, any thoughts?
  • ron, try the web sites of solux and blue max, one has a comparison of the ott. i just don't recall what one. i had the same problem with my cfl spiking.
  • Ron, is the light that you use for your setup the same temp as the light that you use for your palette? Have you balanced them in terms of value?
  • You really need to light your work and palette with light of the same temperature, preferably between 5K and 6K Kelvin. I hate to bad-mouth art supply houses that sell these lights for big bucks, but you can usually go to Home Depot, Walmart or your local hardware store and buy flourescent's in these temp ranges right off the shelf for much less money. And, no, flourescents aren't the end-all and be-all either, but over all, ('m speaking for myself, here) they'll give you better results. Some claim that neon lights are generally too cold, and some artists sprinkle a couple ordinary light bulbs around the studio to purposely add a few stray rays of warm into the mix.
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