Urgent help needed choosing a color!

Hi all,

My local art store has a 50% off sale on all W&N artist oil today only!

The only color I need is Winsor Blue (green shade) but they are sold out of that. Can anyone recommend another blue that will do a similar job boosting the blue color, as Winsor Blue would have done?

I am painting a waterfront in Croatia, and French ultramarine isn't getting anywhere near the color needed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Kierspics

    The Winsor Blue is based on copper phthalocyanine. This is a power blue.
    Suggest you try another store for the W&N or get another brand of paint based on the phthalo pigment.

  • I went with winsor blue in the end. I didn't get my 50% discount but I can live with that. I thought about cobalt, but series 4 is so much more expensive than series 2. The winsor blue did the trick. I'll post the painting when I'm done.

    Thanks for your help everyone.
  • Prussian blue is cold, and when tinted out with white approximates cyan. It is easily adaptable to Mark's method. It can be warmed easily, and doesn't need much cooling. The only caveat I have is to go easy. It is a powerful blue and can easily overpower what you're doing. Check out the color section of a book titled The Big Book Of Oil Color by Jose Parramon. He urges beginning painters to use a CYMK approach using Prussian blue, cad yellow medium, alizarin (permanent), burnt umber and white.
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