este es una pintura de mario car que hice con aerografo


  • luis said:

    this is a painting of mario cart that I did with the airbrush
  • I confess I'm really dying to get into air brushing. the local art store is trying to get some units in and are considering doing workshops. not that I need yet another hobby ...
  • I almost bought an airbrush setup but I am afraid I will be driven out of the house by my wife because of the smells...
  • Mikel50

    So buy an airbrush and take more showers.

  • Airbrush will work beautifully with any medium if thinned to the right consistency. :)>-
  • bueno todo eso es verdad pero en mi pais,para ustedes es mas facil ya que en estados unidos venden pintura acrilica especial para earografos muy buena se llama createx y la pueden comprar en amazon o ebay,para mi es dificil ya que me saldria muy cara mandarla a buscar por el envio..y lo mejor es que no uele nada,ya he trabajado con ella por un amigo me regalo y es muy buene la recomiendo
  • Folks

    Luis said:
    good all that is true but in my country, for you is easier because in united states sell special acrylic paint very good earografos called createx and can be purchased at amazon or ebay, for me is difficult because I would come out very expensive send to look for shipping .. and it is best not Uele anything, I've worked with her gift for a friend and I recommend it very buene
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