Home from the Sargent Workshop ….5*'s and two thumbs up!!

What an exciting and mentally stimulating 8 days.
First I have to say the group of people was awesome… fun, smart and friendly. I have some new art buddies and was lucky to spend some time with old ones. There was a variety of students from the beginner to the accomplished and I learned something from all of them.
Mark and David were terrific, generous with their time and attention. Liz and I stayed at the same hotel and it was half a block from the Studio….(no need for car rental) very convenient. Terrific food all within walking distance and the city felt clean and friendly.
The set up for the class was perfect… each of us had our own workstation with great lighting and the prints that Mark and David provided were incredibly detailed and color perfect. Even though I have been using Mark's method for years now… I too used the proportional divider for the sketch and mixed all my color groups and steps. :D What I got a kick out of was how many of the group was so cautious about the amount of paint they used for mixing… they eventually figured out that Mark had plenty of great Geneva paint to play with…. after all he only has to tell Liz to make and send more!!
The reason I wanted to take this particular class was to get some guidance on how to paint looser. I am a detail freak and I love the painterly look which I struggle to achieve.... I want to be confident in both styles and I feel this workshop gave me a great start in achieving that goal.
One of the good things for Liz and I was that we did not paint the same image. Liz went with the portrait and I did the fountain scene… we were next to each other at our work stations and where able to help and learn from one another. It was
a very special experience for me.
Here is the painting I did… I will tweak it once it is shipped to me.. but for the most part it is done.


Here is the one Liz did… hope she doesn't mind that I post it….

I think she did an awesome job!!!

I found the whole experience to be worth the time, effort and money…. I highly recommend to those of you who have the opportunity to attend one of Mark's classes to do so… you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Mark and thank you David!
:-bd *****


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