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Comfortable easel you can sit at and stand ?

I am looking for a large easel that I can stand at but more importantly sit at too without leaning forward to much as I have a bad back. Are there any designs that allow you to pull a chair up and almost get your legs underneath?? Appreciated.


  • Mikel50

    Here you go:

  • Do you have this easel Denis? I'm wondering how sturdy it is.
  • Thank you for the reply Denis.
    It looks interesting. I am hoping for something more like an H frame design that has a nice shelf on it but more importantly that I can lean on a bit to steady myself. Just not sure how comfortable they are working from a chair ?? Leaning forward all day.....
    Please share suggestions and your experience ??
  • I really don't know how you're going to have a shelf and not lean forward.
  • Dinah

    It is a lightweight metal construction and design, takes about 1.2m x1.2m canvas.
    The legs splay out wide to provide a firm support. It does not wobble as I draw or erase.
    Of course the easel will blow over in a high or gusty wind, driven largely by the canvas working as a sail. Under these weather conditions I would be sandbagging the legs (or looking for the pub).

    I have been using it for about six months and since new my drawing board is attached.
    Easy to throw in the car to go to my five figure drawing sessions a month at other artists studios and galleries.

    Adjustments are easy as you draw/paint. Lifts to center level with my eyes at 6 feet, and beyond. (Painting/drawing with other easels gives me a backache). Shifts down in one adjustment to allow me to assume a sitting position. Spins from portrait to landscape in a snap (essential for me to make progress with five minute poses).

    Performs nicely as a horizontal work surface for watercolor or other wet media, all with 100% edge access. Great for ruling up grids, frames and borders.

    I also have the telescopic aluminum Mahlstick with rubber ends, an adjustable hand rest and storage for brushes inside.

  • Do you have to unhook something to spin the canvas or is it always able to spin? I must say, I'm intrigued!
  • Thanks Castillo.
    I know some people sit at a traditional easel. How comfortable is it?
  • Dinah

    The circular structure at the center of the easel functions as a friction slide for the spin table. You can adjust the tension on this structure with a wing nut. In practice I have not made any adjustment here but it manages to spin with a controlled turn. The red material acts as a clutch to dampen the rate of spin depending on how tight the wing nut is adjusted.

    Tony is now working on a linear bearing slide bar to attach the mahlstick.
    There are other videos, testimonials and explanatory material at the Artristic website.

  • That sounds good. I just didn't want it to wiggle and spin without my permission! hahah!
  • Mikel50

    Have a look at the comments by the artist in the wheelchair about the Artristic easel.

  • Hi Mike150, Kingston, dencal, Dinah and KIngston
    My name is Tony Barber and I have been an artist, illustrator and author all of life. I eat, breath, think art and design. I paint, teach and mentor artists of all ages and I work from home. Denis told me that you have been discussing an easel that I designed and made initially for my own use. I think it is important to let you know how this easel came into being. After injuring my knee badly from falling off a chair while trying to reach a high spot on a large canvas, I spent 4 years doing the most detailed study ever attempted about easels and how artists interact with them and how they effect an artists work and well being. During the process I discovered beyond any doubt at all that there is a direct link between the quality of an artists painting and the design of the easel they use.

    I came to this conclusion by speaking to hundreds of artists and soon realized that there were predominantly 8 major complaints by artists when using the traditional A frame and H frame easel. Fellow artists also told me that there were also 6 things they would like an easel to be able to do for them. An artists "paint bucket" wish list if you will. Using this information and adding it to my own demands as an artist, I set about to improve an artists easel and make one that would work for me, not against. The result is the easel you have been discussing. I called it the ARTristic easel. Not thrown together, but created by a thinking, working, teaching, down to earth, realistic, questioning, passionate, dogmatic, caring artist with over 70 years experience in the world art.

    I never go out of my way to persuade anyone to use my easel. In fact I would hate it if all artists wanted to, because I don't wish to give up any more of my valuable painting and creating time than I do already to make each one of them. I am not a big easel making business. There is just me and my shed/studio. My easel is only for artist that are innovative thinkers . I say that knowing that many artists are deeply conservative and that I would waste even more valuable painting time trying to explain to them the reasons why I know they will never reach their full potential as an artist while they still paint with a traditional easel. I am sorry that I cant help them.

    That said, I am moved and deeply grateful to those artists that encouraged and supported me as I chased down my dream, and to those that now use my easel and those that take the time to thank me for helping them improve as artists. But truth is, its actually me that should be thanking them for believing in me and my "crazy idea" that I finally got to work.

    "The things we paint, create and do, will one day motivate others to try it too"
  • edited March 2014
    Thank you for the replies
    Kingston I have easel envy :-) Id love to have a Hughes but its more than I should spend right now.
    Tony I don't think the Artristic is for me. We have a parrot and he can climb a tripod base in no time flat. Guitar stands, Sheet music stands etc... I don't think he could get up an H frame though.... but I do like that Mahl stick.
  • Hi Mike150,
    At the moment I am designing the attachments that attach onto the Artristic easel. There are threaded fittings already built into the easel just waiting for these attachments that will enable me to click onto it shelves, four lights (one on each side thus eliminating all shadow on my canvas as I paint, seat, rag holders, music speakers into the legs, palette holder, brush holders and even a drink holder. (I get thirsty as I paint hours at a time.) But you are the first artist to suggest an attachable parrot perch or cage. Entirely possible. How heavy is this bird?
  • Tony, thank you so much for taking the time to tell us more about your easel. I need to make sure it's rock solid while I'm painting and doesn't wobble. Also, what is the footprint of the easel?
  • This Hughes Model is just what I am after..I could roll my chair right up under it....has a nice shelf.....super sturdy.. and our parrot could not climb up it unlike a tripod easel. It's Birdproof which is a must!!!
    Does anyone know of a similar design that is lower priced??

  • Dencal, will the artistic easel allow your canvas to be completely vertical. Not at all tilted?
  • Dinah

    The easel will adjust to 20 degrees (from the upright) as the closest approach to vertical.

    The base area for the support is 693 sq inches at the widest but can be much smaller than this for studio (i.e. non windy) situations

    Here is a pic showing adjustment to nearest vertical and max base configuration.

  • Thanks Dencal! That's exactly what I needed to know!
  • castillo, where did you find that easel? A subscriber detailed an idea he had and that photo looks like his dream.
  • I like that one. Looks like it can be totally vertical and accommodate both boards and canvasses.
  • TonyArt,
    >>At the moment I am designing the attachments that attach onto the Artristic easel. There are threaded fittings already built into the easel just waiting for these attachments that will enable me to click onto it shelves, four lights (one on each side thus eliminating all shadow on my canvas as I paint, seat, rag holders, music speakers into the legs, palette holder, brush holders and even a drink holder.

    When do you think these options will be available? I am interested in purchasing the easel but I'm one of those "latest model" types.

    Wonderful, innovative design by the way!
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