MH 370 Air Craft Search


Each morning and each evening I hear the drone of the heavy prop aircraft overhead as they commence or conclude the day's search. A tragic loss and our thoughts are with the families of the 230 lost souls.

A little known fact is that nineteen (some reports say 27) of the passengers were artists returning to Beijing from an art exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, where they had works on display.



  • I here you dencal.. a real tragedy. I've been following the story a bit. My technical side in the heck do you lose a plane... never mind a 777...lots of things seem to not make since... .is an airbus bigger than a 777 ?
  • HopperLover, there are some models of the Airbus that is bigger than the 777, and some that are smaller.

    I fly the 777 and can think of about ten scenarios that could have occurred. Aside from the fact that we've lost nearly 250 people in this tragedy, the single most important thing we can take away from this is the absolutely unacceptable fact that we do not have real time monitoring of these aircraft which cost nearly 1/2 billion each. This is inexcusable.

    Otherwise the 777 is a beautiful airplane. I've flown and am rated in the DC-10, 737, 727, 757, 767, 777, and 747. While I love the 727 because it's sort of nostalgic, the 747 and 777 are fantastic and safe airplanes. The 777 is even painter friendly. ;)

  • I love the view from your office @garrykravit‌
  • Wow, first time to see a pilot so closely. Amazing!
  • Oh my goodness! So many gadgets and buttons! I could never do that!
  • It is insane that they don't have some kind of tracker....such a horrible thing.
  • Hi Garry - cool that you're a pilot.VERY leveled headed kind of job..can't have a bad day.
    I was thinking that,aside from the black boxes( do they have 2 in nose.. one in tail ?), they could develop a third transmitter of info to a satellite that is real time "GPS" type info...this would compliment the common radar method?
    By the way...I use to live in Orlando,Fl. and LOVED watching the DC-10's massive. When I fly , I like to be near the wing so that I can watch all the flaps work on takeoff and landing. Fascinating!
  • Folks

    BBC Word Service is reporting (9:30pm WST - 9:30am New York) that a ship in the search zone has detected a pulse signal in the frequency range expected for MH370.

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