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Paint drying

When is the soonest I can mail a painting I finished today, March 22nd. Varish it also.
Also is there a way to dry it faster. Thanks Bill J


  • From what I've read slow dry -low heat in an oven, but I can't guarantee that. :)>-
  • Ron; The painting is on linen, and is 28' x24" . I would need a pizza oven. Sounds a little drastic. If it was the summer I could put it outside, reaches 122 deg in Vagas
  • Put it in direct sunlight (in the house) or under old fashioned light bulbs, not these crap mercury lights. Not too close or it could singe.
  • I assume heat is the answer. Starting over on the bottom rung is a drag. I was a sculptor / wood carver and on the top rung for many years.
  • Kingston; I like the oils. I use Marks drying medium, this painting is the only one I might have a delivery problem with. Do you varnish your oil paintings ?
  • Many I should have two sets of paints, slow dry most of the time and regular paint from the tube when time is a problem.
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  • Billj

    Retouch varnish when the thickest paint is touch dry, about a week or ten days assuming you are using W&N with Mark's SDM.

    Mark advised that heat will accelerate the drying process, so store in a warm, dry, dust free environment, car trunk, furnace room etc.

    Final varnish on 22nd September.

    It pays not to short cut this step. If you remove a hard skin coat from some thick oil paint it can be quite oily and fluid inside. This is most evident when cleaning out old paint jars.

    I know where Kingston is coming from with his post. The suggestion is for commission works that no one can wait for, is to use W&N and Liquin. You will miss the excellent properties of SDM but it will dry overnight.

  • Denis; As a last resort what about spray retouch varnish. Or if I run out of time, follow Kingston and forget the varnish.
  • Billj

    In the final analysis it is all about what you like, want or can tolerate.

    A varnish stabilizes a dry painted surface stopping the uptake of moisture from the air and offering a barrier to dust and particulate matter, which can then be easily removed with a damp cloth or duster.

    On the other side of the argument varnish can yellow, crack or turn cloudy.

    For rapid production - W&N - Liquin - (Oil out or) retouch varnish - final varnish (in six months).

  • @ billj
    Kingston is correct - look, do a small 8x 10 in acrylics. Just water as the medium. Thin as you want or thick as you want . Let it dry - a few hours - if its thin -half an hour , the water evaporates and the polymers solidify. Then you can paint on top of that, with oils in the usual manner. Then you call it Mixed Media And wait for your awards! :)>- :D
  • Ron

    Stay with the program please!

    Billj was asking about the drying time for oils and the hiatus prior to varnish.
    How does an acrylic underpainting address these issues?

  • @dencal -I was addressing what Kingston was saying -nothing else - hey, if you want to slap on gobs of stuff and put plates and anvils on it, be my guest! Said with a smile and a nuge! :)>-
  • Use Gamvar varnish like several people including me use here on the forum. It can be applied as soon as the pice is touch dry. The mild solvent in it wont desolve the paint layer and the varnish allows the paint layer underneath to "breathe" and continue to dry, just a little slower.
  • ebsebs -
    edited March 2014
    And like dencal suggested, let it dry in a warm, dry place. Worked great for me at least.
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  • tjstjs -
    edited March 2014
    billj said:

    When is the soonest I can mail a painting I finished today, March 22nd. Varish it also.
    Also is there a way to dry it faster. Thanks Bill J

    I have a small room off the kitchen. I keep the room really warm and place the painting by the heat. I also use the slow dry medium and my paintings will dry within a few days to touch this way. I have also put them in a bathroom with the heat cranked up as well. Some oil painters make drying boxes too.

    The last two I shipped took three days to dry this way. I used spray re-touch varnish on the fifth or sixth day. It's been several years and they look absolutely the same.

    Hope it helps.

  • I took a class woth mark- he mailed back my wet unfinshed painting drilling a 2by 4 piece of wood about 6 inches long on each corner so it is suspended in the box
  • In the end, if the buyer wants your painting he or she will be patient. There is no need to be stressed over deadlines. Your painting needs to dry naturally or the under layers will crack. We all face this issue. The painting's archival quality must be the priority. Best wishes!☺️
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