best, great, good easel design ?

i want to build a easel for indoor. i looked at designs for sale and do not see pros and cons so I ask of anyone who has experienced a good design or bad design to help. I have a complete wood shop and a zillion feet of lumber. My easel is portable for outdoor use and it's kind of shaky, the knobs loosen, i have to fidget with it constantly and it's limited in substrate size.


  • oilpainter

    The wood shop and a zillion feet of lumber will be a disincentive to getting this great easel. Check it out and see if you can get the same functionality and convenience in wood.

  • Also check out this beauty.


  • Oilpainter,

    I have been playing around with an idea for an easel using the artristic one as inspiration. My plan would use any type of weighted base on casters to hold the head solidly and allow it to go up and down, and likely tilt forward.

    The head would consist of a piece of ½ thick Baltic birch plywood with 8 pieces of T-Track,, attached to it radiating out from the center. The T-track would basically be two crosses at 45 degrees to each other. Four wooden cleats would be used to hold the canvas in place. The cleats would attach to the T-track using T-Bolts and star knobs so you could hold any size of canvas (depending on how large you made the head) securely on four sides if you wanted. The cleats would have points (brads) embedded in them to secure the canvas below the edge of the canvas so you could paint right off of the canvas without hitting a lip. Most of the Baltic birch between the 8 t-track pieces would be cut out to reduce weight.

    The canvas head would be mounted to one side of a swivel chair base,, and the other side would be mounted to the base mechanism which slides up and down. This would allow the canvas to be rotated in any direction for easier painting. Some type of pin or spring cleat would hold the rotating head in the desired position.

    A 1” or 2” wooden dowel would be used as a Mahl Stick to go over the canvas for detail painting. The dowel would use t-bolts and star knobs on each end to slide in any two of the eight T-tracks to provide support for detail.

    Anyway, a someday project. I will be interested in seeing what you come up with,

  • not doing a windmill easel, the parts list gets into the hundreds but it is a cool idea.
    i saw some very sturdy easels over a grand and diy units under a hundred. i am doing a tilt and fold flat because i'm messing with encaustics. hope to have it done in a few days. oak, ash, birch and rock maple. tongue and grove, slots, hand knobs and t bolts with washers, everything on hand.
  •, i forgot, i too have a drafting table stashed away. oh boy, i'm tossing out the queen bed and moving in the table....thanks for the memory to locate it.
  • A lot of artists use a drawing/drafting table for painting: Brom, John Howe, Donato Giancola, James Gurney, etc., etc..


    Since you have the tools perhaps you can modify yours to add some of the features that this workstation has

  • i really like that almost breaks my heart because i had a commercial unit like it. the tilting top was thick maple but the cabinet was all metal. i had to leave it behind in a sudden move 9 years ago. i can easily build a taboret on wheels to hold my big glass palette. i have hundreds of brushes and paints and finding more all the time. it will be a massive piece. thank you
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