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Should I use K 5000 when I am painting from a photo.

mariebmarieb -
edited February 2014 in Technical Support
Hi all, Last time I started a thread I was all set to paint, all organised.Amrit and Pop said "Just do it " Well life has a habit of getting in the way. I had the spare bedroom ( Daughter moved out) set up as a studio ,lights, light box, walls draped with dark throws, then I had to dismantle it all...seems my Husband discovered he had a 36 yr old Daughter that he didn't know about or forgot to tell me about.. =)) ..To my credit I didn't delve deeper ! She is Fabulous and is married with two Children and looks like Our two Children. My Husband had been diagnosed with Cancer the previous year , so this was quite a welcome relief from all the bad news.:)) So I don't mind giving up the room as they visit frequently. Anyway....I was looking at an old thread that Harrell started last yr on "where do you paint"and David_Quinn_Carder commented on it. It struck me that all these spaces were quite bright dark wall paint or hangings. In the absence of a studio at the moment I might paint photos that I took with the light box. Should I use the K5000, bulbs in the room that I am painting in ? Ps anyone hear from Amrit recently , hav'nt seen any posts....


  • I would use the 5000 because the paint mixing will not be influence by cool or warm light that way. Not sure about Armit.
  • Wow, my wife holds a grudge if I forget to take out the garbage. You're pretty laid back there @marieb!

    Anyway, my take on the lighting is that you want your palette and canvass to be lit with 5000k light so that you are seeing colors at pure white light, not "warm" (< 5000k) or "cool" (>5500K) white light. But the subject is lit however it was lit. In a photo, you can't control that (unless you have the digital file, preferably in the camera's RAW format). In a still life, you can actually calibrate the light using Mark's method on the video.

    So, if you're saying should you use the 5000k lighting for the canvass and palette, I would say yes. I haven't painted from a photo yet, so I'll have to defer to somebody else on that, but I would guess you want that in the same light as your palette and canvass.
  • @marieb, your saintly angel wings are in the mail!! You are to be commended!
    I agree with rgr (my wife is still pissed about the 1 time I forgot the trash- 1 time in 23 years!!), the lights really give you a consistent, pure temperature day or night. It seems to make color matching easier, and the end results are more predictable.
  • @rgr +@djfedeli...I can assure you I am no saint, and never was !My husband is a musician and had lots of "Fans".. I guess he was "Practising " and sowing some v wild oats !!!.This was before I met him. It so shameful to be pregnant outside of marriage then.I suppose you have heard of the Film "Philomena" . It is to Naomi's Mother that she kept her and did not give her up for adoption. Both families get on well :) I have had a lot of hardship in my life so this was actually a welcome event..we all love her and her family to bits :) Anyway I have an entry level DSLR that takes photos in RAW. I will shoot some still life and then paint them under the same light conditions. My Son bought me Mark's Dvd just before he set up DMP andI have been trying to paint for a yr now to no avail....going to go with painting from a photo first while we are doing up a porta cabin.Keeping fingers crossed no more Relatives appear out of the woodwork... =))
  • @gfish...There are so many new members on the Forum now,but also lots that I remember from before , you included :)
  • It's a shame they pop in once in a awhile to let everyone know what they're up to and doing. It seems like family and you miss them wondering what's going on.
  • @SusieQ They both work and have Children who are at school, and live one and a half hours drive away. It is School mid term and they will visit tomorrow. Looking forward to it :)
  • @Marieb
    sorry, I meant it's a shame the members who used to be on forum don't pop in once in a while to let us know what they're up to these days. It seems like the forum is family after all and you wonder how everyone is?
  • SusieQ said:

    sorry, I meant it's a shame the members who used to be on forum don't pop in once in a while to let us know what they're up to these days. It seems like the forum is family after all and you wonder how everyone is?

    LOL Ah SusieQ I didn't take offence....I suppose a persons circumstances change...I hadn't been on for a while, busy with that thing that get's in the way of painting and this forum.."life"...

  • SusieQ said:

    sorry, I meant it's a shame the members who used to be on forum don't pop in once in a while to let us know what they're up to these days. It seems like the forum is family after all and you wonder how everyone is?

    SusieQ, It is unfortunate. I know several who have moved on for similar reasons.
  • AmritAmrit -
    edited May 2014
    Hey guys, I am sorry, I have been uber busy setting up an online school of my own. I'll make an effort to pop in more often as Gary you are right, this really is like an extended family. How's everyone going?
  • Hey, man! Nice to hear from you!
  • Hi Amrit....great to hear from you :-h
  • [email protected] rstall, that was a year ago I am painting away ..
  • I have become an avid follower of DRAWMIXPAINT, and am in early stages of setting up a studio so I can get away from wood carving and all the associated dust and noise. I have one question on the lighting. I know about the 5500- 5500k lights and plan on using LED lamps of that range. My concern is to whether the lights should be flood or spot, and should I have lights on the painting ( which only seems logical) and the pallette as well. I am assuming that the lighting on the painting will account for some  of the lighting on the pallette. The light box on the subject is assumed to be separate. Any advice will be certainly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
  • dencaldencal -
    edited February 2016

    Welcome to the DMP Forum.

    Yes. Floods will give you a wider, more even dispersal than spots.
    Aim to position palette and painting at the same distance and angle in relation to the light source, if you can. This argues in favour of the vertical palette as demonstrated by Mark and David Kassan.

  • Thanks dencal. I am wondering what wattage lamp I should be using. I have two lamps with 5260K w bulbs in floor lamps I use for photography, but they are only 28 w, and probably are not adequate  for painting scenerio. Any advice?
  • Fausto

    I use four 24 watt CFLs in portaflood units. Looking to replace these sometime with LED units when I can find suitable specs and price.

    I have a low reflective outdoor room as a studio space, A small white room may need less than this.
    Mark recommends two 85 watts. Check out his advice on the supply list and the free videos on lighting and studio setup.


  • Denis, Thanks once again for the input. A funny thing happened on the way to getting a studio set up. Had one of those fleeting, inspirational moments for a wood carving for The Ward World competition,  an International wildlife carving competition in Ocean City, Maryland last weekend in April. I have found that a lot of the comments I've found on DMP pertain to wood carving as well. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it was an interesting revelation. I just had to respond to that inspiration for the carving, but my plans  are for the painting to progress once the Bald Eagle is completed.
    There are so many wonderful artists in this community I'm sure it won't matter a great deal if I start painting now or three months from now.  Great art running rampant at DMP.
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