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Ok, So I am in total Awe of Mark's the painter !

edited October 2012 in General Discussion
Mark, I am taking my very first class at Chisel and Palette Academy in Chicago, and I am aure to share your site with all of them ! I enjoy going there, but seeing your Videos is absolutely insightful and breath taking ! I may sound a little too over board , but you truly are a Messiah for the world of Oil paintings ! You can make anything come alive ! I love the fact that you hold nothing back in teaching us ! Also I see a difference from your previous taping- You speak faster now ( I luv that !!! ). Please tell me where in Hawaii are you ??


  • Messiah? We have often called him names in the past but NOT that yet! LOL
    Great to read all the enthusiam from you here and you are right....Mark is great!
  • Thank you bhopali for the compliment and for sharing the new site. ok - messiah LOL - NO!!!

    Seriously one of the things I want this forum to be is NOT about me but about painting. You know Draw, Mix and Paint " :-)

    I am on the Big Island outside Hilo, but I really don't have much work to see here in Hawaii. It is all on the Mainland. One of these days we will have a big Draw Mix Paint get together here in Hawaii.
  • Ok so I did go over board! But Mark has really inspired me to paint and that has evoked such wonderful emotions in me :-)!! Mainland - any of ur work is in Maui? I already have two of your DVDs and will gladly purchase when more come out! Can we share our paintings at your site ?
    QUESTiON: what do I ,if as an amateur I painted certain area but did not like it , while I do like the rest of the painting? How can I paint over , or try to remove the paint ? I could show the painting to tell u what I mean ??
    I didn't draw , just started painting ....oops sorry!!
  • I am so in on the get together in Hawaii! You are NOT getting me on a surf board though.
  • Liz , I actually did get on the surf board with my 8 year old and had a blast!! Not easy to surf!!!!!!
  • Mark surfs....I can water ski but never tried even a boogie board in the ocean. I am positive I can't surf! LOL
  • bhopali, of course post anything you want. I'd love to see your progress!
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