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colored pencil + steps

Has anyone found colored pencils workable in DMP formula? Haven't made an attempt to match them and step them.
Lost my spot in the swamp, owner selling property, moving studio and sifting through hidden treasure trove in the attic of unmarked boxes. Cases of canvasses, paints, pencils, etc. I knew hoarding art supplies wasn't a bad thing.


  • dencaldencal -
    edited February 2014

    Don't know of anyone using color pencils with any dedication on DMP Forum.
    However, you could chart up your own collection/brands in this fashion:

    A visual reference like this will be very useful to guide your future pencil work.
    From the chart/s and pigment lists you should then be able to choose equivalent colors and values that matches Mark's palette.

    Here are the pigment details for Mark's palette from the Winsor & Newton webpage:
    Color name: Cadmium Yellow Pale
    Color number/code: 118
    Series number: 4
    Chemical description: Cadmium zinc sulphide
    Color index name: PY35
    Color index number: 77205
    Permanence rating: A
    ASTM lightfastness rating: I
    Transparency/Opacity: O

    Color name: Permanent Alizarin Crimson
    Color number/code: 468
    Series number: 4
    Chemical description: Anthraquinone
    Color index name: PR177
    Color index number: 65300
    Permanence rating: A
    ASTM lightfastness rating: I
    Transparency/Opacity: T

    Color name: French Ultramarine
    Color number/code: 263
    Series number: 2
    Chemical description: Complex sodium alumino-silicate containing sulphur
    Color index name: PB29
    Color index number: 77007
    Permanence rating: A(iii)
    ASTM lightfastness rating: I
    Transparency/Opacity: T

    Color name: Burnt Umber
    Color number/code: 076
    Series number: 1
    Chemical description: Calcined natural earth
    Color index name: PBr7
    Color index number: 77491
    Permanence rating: AA
    ASTM lightfastness rating: I
    Transparency/Opacity: T

  • wow, you are very helpful.
  • Lots of work on the list - Thanks.
  • For colored pencils, you need to buy the biggest sets you can find. Colored pencils do not mix the same way as paint. In order to create new colors, you need to layer the colors on top of each other. You can achieve realistic drawings that look like paintings when using colored pencils correctly. Two great brands of colored pencils are Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils (which are an oil-based colored pencil) and Caran D' ache Luminance colored pencils (which are waxed-base). These two colored pencils are extremely lightfast, and they are professional quality pencils. In order to achieve realistic colored pencil drawings, you need to use heavy weight quality paper such as stonehenge, heavy weight hot press watercolor paper or strathmore brand of paper (just don't use strathmore colored pencil paper... it is horrible. the rest of the strathmore papers are great.) For blending colored pencils, there are three ways: 1) use oderless mineral spirits on a brush for blending the colored pencil out. This will eliminate the white grain from the paper, as well as smoothing out and enriching the color. If you are going to use odorless mineral spirits to blend, you need to tape down your paper so that it will not warp or bend when the paint thinner is applied to it. 2) burnishing the colored pencil by pressing hard on the paper. This will flatten out the tooth of paper preventing future layering. Burnishing will make the paper shiny (so, it is good for paining shiny objects.) Burnishing should be the last thing that you do to your piece. 3) there are some blending pencils for colored pencils. they are colorless, but contain wax in them which is used to mix the colors together. I hope this helped :)
  • This website may be a good starting place:
  • I have done several colored pencil drawings. You can get extreme realism with them. I have used Strathmore 400 series paper and extremely fine sandpaper. You could also use sanded pastel paper, but it needs to be white. I use prismacolors, but the polychromos are supposed to be excellent. You can buy watercolor brushes with the barrel for the water and put gamsol in it instead. Buy the good ones, because the cheap ones will leak. Also, be sure to keep your pencils very sharp. I will post a photo of one of my colored pencil drawings here in a few minutes.
  • This thread takes me back a ways, I worked with a person who was able to work on his little colored pencil drawings whenever the work time gave him a chance to pull out the sandpaper work. It was terrific stuff.
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