I remember seeing a video on placement of strings in front of a still life setup but now I cannot find it. Anyone know which one it is? Thanks


  • Marks. Still life from start to finish I believe
  • has an interview with John Morra. They show him painting with a string grid in front of the setup. I believe the video is still free to watch.
  • In Mark's new video, right at the very beginning, he talks about 'Golden Lines"...there happens to be a string hanging in front of him as he is describing these lines. In this case he uses the straight line of the table top as his horizontal golden line and the right edge of the mason jar as his vertical golden line. He uses two hanging threads (strings) to indicate the edge of what would be his canvas width. So to place the edge of the mason jar, he measures from the vertical string on right (the right edge of his canvas) to the right edge of the mason jar (his vertical golden line). And he is off and running from there! :)
  • Thanks, I watched that and thats probably all I need. I believe there was a dime on the table for placement. I remember another video where it was discussed about placing a string and then a second. Mark showed where he had them hanging fron the top. MaybeIi dreamed this. :)) Maybe Mark can clear this up if he has time, thanks for the input. /:)
  • PD Basics was it Mark, thanks. Always the one you didn't check.
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