Hi from Czech republic

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my name is Paul Tajšl and i´m 25.
I fall in love with drawing and painting four years ago.
Since i´ve seen Daniel Greenes pastel portraits i knew, this is it! This is how i want to paint like. Now i feel it´s time to try oil paint.
I was wondering through the internet and have found Marks channel on youtube and knew
this is it again. So i´ve started.
Following the basic steps like school boy :) love it! And i have had a trouble with some things
and wrote to Mark for help and I was so impressed almost immediately he wrote me back.
So go on. I´m here.. And I´m so pleased that here is so many amazing artists i can learn from.

I´m completely self taught and very interested in study oil painting.Looking forward to meet with you!

Here is few of my pastels.


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