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Light on top of shadow box

What holds the light on top of the box over the shadow box? I bought a clamp light but cannot figure out how to get it to shine down through the box. Help


  • mariebmarieb -
    edited February 2014
    @66Artist, not exactly sure about your question....Mark built a "chimney" type long box that sits can sit on top of the shadow box. I made mine to sit on top of the gap in the shadow box ceiling, but it could easily be suspended over the box. I made the top of the box that holds the bulb by cutting four holes , one in each corner ,for ventilation, and another bigger one in the middle. I used an ordinary bulb holder on top and fed the neck of the bulb through from below and screwed it in. I just hang it from the ceiling and let it sit on top of the light box. With regards to the clamp light ...can you make a stand of some sort or nail a bit of timber or broom handle to the back of the your light box.
  • I was wondering how high & wide the box that holds the light is? I did not find this in any of the information.
  • Hi... New at this forum stuff... forgive if I'm not clear enough.First off.....This guy has tons of useful info!!! To answer marieb...What I did was skip the " "chimney" idea. My opening ( rectangle )on the 1/2" plywood top I used was 9 x 16 inches. To control the light flow I use strips of cardboard to cover the opening. I then created a slip on device with a 1/2 " gap to slide on the plywood top.... think of a skinny elongated "u" shape... with one hole drilled through with a bolt and wing nut ( to tighten)to accept a board (approx, 3/4 x 1 1/2") that then can angle in a range of degrees to clamp an inexpensive clamp light onto. Make each side of this " u" shape equal.. about 6 - 7 inches to accept the downward pull of the light you use... they can be a little heavy. The underneath length should balance out the the downward pull because the plywood top will hold it. I hope I'm clear enough.
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