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Anyone have a recommendation for a zoom lens? I purchased a Canon 30D with a 18-55 and looking at a larger range. I believe Mark had said something like 22-130 for portrait. Just wondered what the take is from those that are savy on this. Thanks


  • You want a zoom lens for portraits or ?
  • OK, great. I want the lens for multible use but mainly for portrait and photo of still life set ups for back up info. General use for painting. I will give B&H a call. Sounds like they could give good help. The 18-135 was the area of consideration but hate to jump in at that level without some input. Thank you
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    I also have the tamron 90mm micro lenses and love It.but it is expensive.
    I love BH Photo..
  • I agree with Vincent, go with a 50mm prime lens but not the f1.8 get the 50mm f1.4. Both of these lenses are great for still lifes in low light scenarios but since you want it for portraits as well you need a faster lens.
  • I agree with Vincent also. I love my 50 mm lens. It's great for avoiding any kind of distortion.
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