Portable table top easel

9 pcs, hinge and a few nuts & bolts , couple of screws. Can be taken apart and put together in 5 minutes. Haven't tried yet, but believe it will fit into a nice umbrella case or something similar for traveling. longest center piece 24" . probably wouldn't do anything taller based on the stability of the easel. 1/2 thick wood. Very light weight using Pine or Balsa. For one to last years, they have precut pieces of 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 inch of Oak boards at home depot. I used Ebony stain. will probably seal with polyurethane then sand lightly. Back base can be moved, and if the frame is a small size, the cross braces can be removed and the holes in the upright can be be used to screw frame to.


  • Great design. May i suggest if you use Tee-nuts in the holes, I've bought them online for as little as 7 cents each, and Wing bolts about 55 cents, you'll be able to adjust your top and bottom cross pieces quickly.
  • yes, that's great Idea. that eliminates the use of a screw driver. I would probably just use a nut to tighten though.. On a Oak one I would sure consider it. Thought about attaching a little pouch on the back leg to put the screws and everything in also. Wanted to make it as compact and portable as possible. breaking down and setting up is now very easy with this. thanks richvinzant
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