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Canvas question

Any suggestions as to a good, medium priced 24x36 cotton stretched canvas.


  • For me as a beginner, I shop Michaels craft store for leve 3 stretched canvas when they have on 60% sale. Stock up then - I did buy a 8 x 12 stretched linen at a Arts Store for $10. They are nice
  • I recently bought Practica Economy Stretched Canvas from Jerrysartarama. They are best for a beginner to practice and it is made up of true cotton duck canvas with acid free acrylic primer. Genuine stretched canvas at a canvas panel price - I read all the reviews and a lot of customers love this one.

    In regards to the post here on Michael's - Shopping there you will pay a lot more than if you purchased them online at Jerry's Artarama. The quality will be better and the prices will be too. Just order ahead and save yourself the money

    I actually spoke to the director over there when I had a question and he was very kind and helpful. He did say to order extra if I planned to use them a lot as they are a big seller and they could at times go out of stock.
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