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Hello From the Midwest

Hello every one!! I have been so excited to begin painting again. It has been about 20 years since I last painted and I have never used oils.

I bought the paint early this year and have been amassing the necessary TOOLS for my studio. I do not have an area that I can designate as my painting studio in my home, so I rented a 15 X 15 office at a local community college that I drive by every day. I have been in the process of setting it up for the last 2 weeks.

I built 2 easels from the information that I got from Mark’s photos.

I have hung black sheets to block out the light.

I have built my own light stand for a light source.

I have printed the picture I plan to pain in a 18 X24 color format.

I stained the canvas and drew the photo onto the canvas.

I have mixed my paints with DELQ, which I purchased from Mark a few years back, and made the Titanium White SDM last night and used it to mix the Titanium white.

I am off to get the final piece of the puzzle tonight, Mini Fridge.

I live in Minnesota, USA and we are headed into winter season, so this retreat will be greatly used over the next 4 or 5 months.

The discussions from "How to store your brushes" to "What Gesso to avoid" have been very helpful while setting this up. And I look forward to posting my work for constructive critique.

Again, thank you Mark for creating a forum were an eclectic, dynamic group such as this can commiserate the “Artist Curse”.


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