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How can i avoid the flood of ad windows i get when i enter this forum using Internet Explorer

edited November 2013 in Technical Support
I get tons of Advertising Windows in this Forum.
What can i do against it?


  • I think you have an Adware infection.
    There is a free adware cleaner somewhere. I'll have a look around.
    Another insidious piece of malware is

    You shouldn't be getting any ads.

  • I have never had any ad pop up....agree it must be on your computer.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] admin
    edited November 2013
    I recommend downloading the FREE version of this:

    DO NOT pay for one of the more advanced versions, just get the free one. It's all you need. To be honest I hate using these things because they're kind of malware in and of themselves (pop-up alerts, false positives galore, and no intuitive way to uninstall for people who aren't Windows savvy), but if you're already infected with something (which you are), this may be able to get rid of it for you.

    Download it, install it, run it, then once the program is open, you should have four big buttons to choose from, and the first two are "Quick Scan" and "Browser Cleanup". Run Quick Scan first, and when that's finished, run Browser Cleanup. If this doesn't solve your problem, you can go to the sidebar on the left, choose Scan, and then in the drop-down menu choose Full Scan (or Full System Scan, or whatever sounds the most thorough). It will take hours to complete most likely. If that STILL doesn't fix the problem, let me know.

    Then when you're done with all that, if you haven't switched from Internet Explorer to the Google Chrome browser, do that. Unless you're at work and your boss is forcing you to use Internet Explorer for some reason, there is absolutely no reason to use that piece of crap. If you're worried that you won't be able to move all your bookmarks etc over to Chrome, let me know and I'll send super simple instructions on how to move everything over. It may even give you the option to have Chrome do it for you automatically when you open the new browser for the first time. You can get it here:

    I also recommend switching your email over to Gmail, which you can get at:

    In general, don't download stuff if you don't know what it is. 99.9% of malware on computers is a result of users clicking something they weren't sure about (like fake warning messages) or installing a program that comes with malware (very common, even for popular, well-regarded programs). I don't run ANY virus/malware protection at all, and despite using my Windows computer for over a year, I just ran that Avast program and it found zero viruses, malware, etc on my computer. Which is why I promptly uninstalled it after I used it (I was helping another forum member with their own malware problem and needed to use Avast so I knew what step-by-step instructions to give them).

    If you are going to use some kind of anti-malware software, I would recommend using Avast. Honestly though, using Chrome, using Gmail, and not downloading/installing anything you're unsure about (that includes links in emails!) should keep your PC nice and clean. The exception to this is that, as I said before, some otherwise reputable free software makes some money on the side by including bad software when you install their main software. This is trickier to avoid.

    One last thing… after you switch to Chrome, find this post in Chrome and click this link:

    Add that extension to Chrome. You'll thank me later. ;)
  • edited November 2013
    Thank you all.
    Ok David, i installed Google Chrome and use it as browser and the ads windows are gone. ;;)
    I installed avast too. All problems solved.
  • Not being a computer whiz, I'm not sure if this is what you need, but on my Firefox browser I've installed a free download called Ghostery. It seems to work very well automatically. Occasionally, I have to unblock something that it has blocked. It has a lot more features and power that what I know how to use. It might be worth looking into. I also stopped using Explorer years ago...went to Firefox and Chrome for browsers...that might also help. Pop-up ads have essentially disappeared for the most part.
  • Glad that problem went away!
  • Switch to Firefox. :-j
  • David, My computer hates me, it`s a personal thing. Tried to download avast,But I get a window saying " Your current security settings do not allow this file to be download"
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] admin
    edited November 2013
    @billj Next time you're in the market for a computer, a Mac would probably suit you better. In the mean time, it's difficult for me to troubleshoot without being there in person. I don't actually know much about this stuff, I'm just good at troubleshooting things, but when there are layers and layers of issues it takes forever to work through it remotely. The only thing I can suggest you do, if you haven't already, is switch to Google Chrome. If you're using Internet Explorer, especially an old version of it on an old version of Windows, who knows what could be happening. Maybe you'll be able to download Avast with Chrome, I don't know.

    If you have any tech-savvy friends or relatives (and I don't mean computer experts — that's probably not necessary), have them take a look at it for you. Most kids these days know their way around a PC pretty well.
  • David; Thanks for the info, I have a son-in-law who is a computer programmer , it seems he's very busy, I think I`ll ask him again when they call me for money. :)) All kidding aside I appreciate your feedback and I will take your advice. Thanks
  • As Melissa says, switch to Firefox. It works for me. :>
  • David, I got rid of ALL the ads, Had son in law connect with remote access, had many viruses, Your right Internet Explorer is the problem. went to Chrome.
    I posted my NEW problem in Technical. UNBELIEVABLE !! ,Thanks
  • I willpaint; Go to control panel, click on Programs and Features, then delete everything you dont know what it is. Get rid of internet explorer. Let us know what happens.
  • I downloaded the free trial version of lightroom
    that was a big mistake ..I got some kind of trogi program that hijacked my browser it was awful
    I now have the paid subscription malware free
  • @Cottonblosdom‌ If you got the trial of Lightroom directly from Adobe, it didn't come with a trojan. It's exactly the same as the full software — they don't actually have separate software for trial and full versions, they just don't let you keep using the software for more than the trial period without paying.

    One of the annoying things about malware is, sometimes it's hard to figure out where it came from. Sometimes it lies dormant and then suddenly it starts doing it's thing.
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