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Drying time?

How long roughly will it take for my paint to dry using Marks formula in an unheated room? Bearing in mind I am living in Birmingham in the UK so it's not at all warm here.


  • dencaldencal -
    edited November 2013

    At say 20 degrees c, you can expect the earth tones to be touch dry within three days.
    Red, white & blues about seven days and yellow about a week to ten days.

    Usually paint is a mixture of hues so these times are only guidelines.

    Touch dry means a 'surface' skin has formed, thicker coats, layers or blobs will still be wet under the surface.

    Cooler temperatures will add extra time to dry. Allow six months to dry completely.

  • Thank you very much Denis, I thought it would be longer so what if I am painting and it takes longer than a week to complete? If the paint is drying and I am still working on it won't that be a bad thing?
  • dreamlight66

    In practice this is not a problem. If you proceed from color group to color group (usually object to object) by the time you return to a group it's usually surface skinned.
    Regardless, if you follow the fat over lean convention the paint will flow smoothly and cover well. I tend to work with a painted object to completion before moving to an adjacent picture element.

    An alternative strategy, if you are concerned about this issue, is to start in say the top left corner and work towards the lower right.

    Another idea is to have several paintings on the go simultaneously so that the paint has adequate drying time.

    Warm the room to assist the drying process or store paintings in a warm place.

  • I would have to disagree Denis from my experience with Mark's formula. I would agree if using tube paint with linseed oil etc. but with the clove oil in the paint I have found at least double your time and up to 30 days to use just retouch varnish. A heat source will speed this up considerably. Just my experience.
  • gfish

    Perhaps I'm suffering from the blessing of living in a hot climate.

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