charcoal @ work

Done at work between clients...
Charcoal on toned paper

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  • Nice! I recently tried charcoal and ended up loving it, the only issue I had with it is the mess it left on my painting easel so I started building a portable easel just for charcoal that will hopefully be ready by the end of the week because I'm dying to use it again.
  • Forgot to ask, are you using a smooth surface paper ?
  • Castillo

    I found the best results from compressed charcoal.
    But just to ease the black mess I have reverted to conte crayon.
    Here is a recent example - Twenty minutes 50 x 70 cm (20"x30") on newsprint, conte crayon.

  • @Castillo thanks
    the paper is smooth..
    This was done with charcoal pencils..
    @dencal I have tried conte but it's hard to blend...
  • @dencal I will definitely give that a try on my next attempt
  • TattooArtist

    I aim to get about five shades (core shadow, cast shadow, two midtones and a highlight).
    White chalk (conte crayon) will boost highlights, as it does in the drawing above.
    Blending is just as easy as charcoal. Try the soft variety or use a paper with a bit of tooth.
    Newsprint is just fine, around 10c a sheet, great for layouts, Do half a dozen quick studies and build on the best.

    Encourages play and experiment when you don't need to worry about expensive materials.

    Easy to erase with a rubber, tissue or with your hand. Keepers should be stabilized with a fixative spray.

    I need a lot of paper to get my foreshortened models looking human.

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