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There is a new community on painting realism:

Hopefully this community will connect more artists with an interest in realism to share their work, thoughts, and techniques.

When you create a new post there, there is a drop down menu in the post dialogue which says "General Discussion" by default. If you want to introduce yourself, just click it and choose "Introduce Yourself" before submitting your post.


  • Thank you David for sharing the site :-) !
  • I joined. But I am terrible at the social media thing. I will do my best.
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    @tjs Don't feel obligated, I was just mentioning it for people who would like to participate. But thanks for posting your latest portrait there!

    We hope to do something interesting with the community soon, like weekly video hangouts or something like that.
  • That is great! I need direction or I get too scattered with all these social media places. I try twitter but I honestly don't get the point of it. Then facebook - nightmare. I do enjoy them so I think sticking with this forum and your google+ is the best way to go.

    Thanks for all you guys do. I do have tendency to get lost in cyber space. I need direction!
  • I had a quick look at at the Kassan's video. Good exercise to understand how mix colors. Sargent is a great painter, but I think mixing colors from a good reference photo or reality rather than from a painting facilitates the naturalistic approach ... at the end we are all with Mark... paint what you see!
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